Plumber or poltergeist?

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Rockmehardplace Sun 18-Apr-21 14:37:23

Freaked out! Went to check on a relatives (long term empty) property. The external doors were all locked, but when I went in Both bath taps were running at full felt and the bath was full of water (plug was partially in).

Totally freaked out. Can taps just turn themselves on or is it ghosts/burglar??!

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VenusClapTrap Sun 18-Apr-21 14:45:07

If it’s long term empty why wasn’t the water switched off?

Who was the last person to enter the property and how long ago? Does anyone but you have a key?

It could be that at some point the water’s been switched off at the mains, then someone turned the bath taps on to test them and forgot to turn them back off because no water was coming out. And then later the mains was turned back on, so the taps start flowing without being noticed.

Rockmehardplace Sun 18-Apr-21 15:42:20

It’s not switched off as I visit at least weekly with my kids. There’s one other person with a key but they haven’t been in since the last time I was. It’s really odd!!

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VenusClapTrap Sun 18-Apr-21 18:19:02

Could your kids have been playing with the taps last time?

I guess you’ll just have to see what happens now you’ve turned them off, if they are still off next week or if this happens again. If it does happen again, get a camera on it.

nothingcanhurtmewithmyeyesshut Sun 18-Apr-21 18:26:19

If taps had been running full blast with the plug partially in since last time, the bath would have overflowed. And I would have thought OP would have heard them as she left, had it been the kids.

I'd be more inclined to think someone else had been in there. Have you checked for other points of entry?

Twenty2 Sun 18-Apr-21 18:39:07

Do seance and as if anybody's there, 1 tap for yes, 2 taps for no grin

Twenty2 Sun 18-Apr-21 18:39:51

Why do I always notice typos just as my post posts? 🙄

MotherOfGodWeeFella Sun 18-Apr-21 18:54:04

Someone else was there, running a bath when you arrived. They hid in the wardrobe.

Rockmehardplace Sun 18-Apr-21 22:17:47


Why do I always notice typos just as my post posts? 🙄


@MotherOfGodWeeFella that was my first thought!

Highly unlikely to be the kids as I’m sure I would have heard it/one of them would have grassed the other up/it would have overflowed but will ask them again in the morning.

It’s really spooked me out!

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Craftycorvid Sun 18-Apr-21 22:29:27

Thread title just sounds like a very confused genre mash-up between porno and horror!

Strange experience though, and I’ve no explanation to suggest.

Roonerspismed Sun 18-Apr-21 22:31:46


Why didn’t the bath overflow though?

How odd. Was the water turned off before maybe? Any workmen been in?

MeadowLines Sun 18-Apr-21 22:46:13

Is this going to be one of those stories where there's someone living in the loft...

Rockmehardplace Sun 18-Apr-21 23:10:39


Is this going to be one of those stories where there's someone living in the loft...

Omg I didn’t check the loft <<freaks out even more>>

There were workmen at the property fixing the roof a few weeks ago but they weren’t inside. The plug wasn’t fully in the bath so some water could still go through the plug hole and there’s an overflow bit.

Called DH as he’s normally the no-nonsense sensible one and even he was like “eh, I have no rational explanation for this.”

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36degrees Mon 19-Apr-21 04:48:45

Nothing useful to add but I immediately thought of Pipes. Don't go in the basement!

UCOinanOCG Mon 19-Apr-21 05:51:15

That's very odd. I can't think of any way that taps could turn on by themselves.

WeatherwaxLives Mon 19-Apr-21 06:10:39

You'll find out when you see the water bill, if both taps have been running since you were last there it's going to be massive!

Can you check the meter? If it's not moved on much you'll know someone's been in.

HelpMeh Mon 19-Apr-21 06:15:34

Are you SURE no one else has a key? A helpful neighbour, an old tenant?

If you're satisfied that all windows and doors lock correctly then I'd get the front and back door locks changed. After someone's checked the loft...

Ask the kids if they've played with the taps to be sure.

Do you normally go at a set time and this visit was off schedule?

Ghosts would be the least of my concerns and probably the preferable option to be honest.

Bouledeneige Mon 19-Apr-21 09:05:51

I once lived in a student property where my housemate returned one evening to find all the cupboard doors open and the taps on. He thought it was a poltergeist. But it could've been the landlord's son as they were trying to get us out of the house. It was a bit spooky though.

Rockmehardplace Mon 19-Apr-21 21:17:32

Oh, changing the locks is a really good idea, just incase!

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Rockmehardplace Mon 19-Apr-21 21:20:33

We are in Scotland, I don’t think there is a water meter? Going back tomorrow so will see if it’s happened again/double check all windows/etc.

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ALongHardWinter Mon 19-Apr-21 22:08:09

It's Mr. Pipes.

MotherOfGodWeeFella Tue 20-Apr-21 22:19:39

Put a lock on the loft hatch.

TheMatryoshka Tue 20-Apr-21 22:52:51

Just burn the house down, it's the only way

battlewon Tue 20-Apr-21 23:01:15

Oh my god why did I just read this! I'm in bed in the dark and I need a wee.... someone hold my hand while I creep out there with torch on so I don't wake kids with light!! 😭😭😭😭 this sounds terrifying !

Rockmehardplace Wed 21-Apr-21 21:58:52


Just burn the house down, it's the only way

Don’t tempt me😂😂

There apparently can’t be anyone in the loft as there is a hook on the outside of the loft hatch which is closed.

It’s still a total mystery tho. The taps were on full pelt - there is no way the kids would have been able to do that as they are quite stiff (taps not kids!). I still haven’t come up with a rational explanation,!!

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