Struggling for a baby name

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jbtk Sun 18-Apr-21 09:36:03

Hi All,
I am having a little boy in 3 months time and we are nowhere near the point of having some names picked out. I am a teacher and most boys names remind me of a difficult or rude student so I can't bring myself to like any typical names. Our baby boy will be mixed race, white British and black African. I could choose an African name but my DH is against that because when he is older he doesn't want our baby boy to face the same predudice as he has when it comes to applying for positions etc. Unfortunately this does still happen in our society which is really sad but its really limiting names that I could choose. I have been on so many search engines and so many of the names (that I don't associate with pupils I have taught over the years) that come up sound too American.. Like Hunter, Chase or Cody etc. I really don't like the American names and I really want a name to suit our baby boy. There are a few African names I really like but my DH just won't back down.
Anyone else in this predicament or have any clue of lovely names they could suggest?

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ElderMillennial Sun 18-Apr-21 09:47:14

What are some names that you like?

C130 Sun 18-Apr-21 09:53:18

What names does your husband put forward?

Happylittlethoughts Sun 18-Apr-21 09:53:57

How about family names?

jbtk Sun 18-Apr-21 10:10:11

I like Tapiwa and Omari. My husband doesn't come up with names just says no to all my suggestions. That's why our baby will probably not have a name till he is about 10 at this rate! 🤣😭

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jbtk Sun 18-Apr-21 10:12:07

Most of my family names have been used by my siblings and cousins already. I could use Tyson but it reminds me too much of Tyson Fury

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OnlyFoolsnMothers Sun 18-Apr-21 10:15:10

My children are mixed race, they have African middle names.

jbtk Sun 18-Apr-21 10:15:18

I also like Cassius which at the moment is my favourite but my husband doesn't like it. He is a pain in the bum because he doesn't suggest any serious names and really not being helpful. I think when it comes to it I will just gave to tell him what out baby will be named! 🙄

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jbtk Sun 18-Apr-21 10:20:06

Ben, Sam and Aiden are definitely no's they remind me too much of past pupils that have been horrid🤣 I did like Sampson but the thought of it being shortened to Sam put me off. I have been told that once you name your baby any associations with other people with the same name fade into insignificance but at the moment I am struggling with that. I also quite like Adam and all the people I have known which that name are lovely. I do think maybe an African Middle name might be the way to go.

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FunTimes2020 Sun 18-Apr-21 10:27:30

Adam is lovely. Adam Omari. He now has a name! Congratulations on your pregnancy. You must be so excited to meet him smile

NellietheNumpty Sun 18-Apr-21 10:30:26

Philip Tapiwa
Peter Tapiwa

jbtk Sun 18-Apr-21 10:36:24

Thank you! 😁 And yes, Adam Omari sounds so nice!! Like I said I think I will end up just telling my DH what his sons name is at this rate!, 🤣 I never thought it would be this difficult to choose a name! I wonder if other teachers have the same issue because we have known so many kids over the years and you alway remember the ones you have struggled with. I am so excited to meet him, we have struggling for many years to get this far so I am a geriatric mother at 39! that is also why many lovely names have already been taken by family and friends already 😊

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Thehawki Sun 18-Apr-21 10:38:25

I also love Adam Omari, that sounds lovely! Congratulations btw smile

jbtk Sun 18-Apr-21 10:41:35

Also, just wanted to say this is my first ever post so not sure how I reply to individuals comments, sorry if I just add comments that are not specific replies to individuals. Really appreciate all your replies and suggestions 😁

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Foxyloxy1plus1 Sun 18-Apr-21 11:22:20

I’m sure every teacher has faced a similar dilemma. There were several names I would have liked, but they had associations with students I’d taught. If you know lovely children called Adam, you and your DH both like the name and you add an African middle name, it will please you both.

uncomfortablydumb53 Sun 18-Apr-21 11:29:19

My DS3 middle name is Adam It's a lovely timeless name and Adam Omari sounds great with also having a nod to his Father's heritage

ElderMillennial Sun 18-Apr-21 11:33:39

Adam is on my list too OP

user1471538283 Sun 18-Apr-21 11:40:47

Adam is a fantastic name! Timeless and will suit him as an adult. Plus he will have his father's heritage name!

GloomyWaters Sun 18-Apr-21 16:30:26

I love Andre also Adam. I like names you cant shorten.

I would sat to hubby... right by Wedn I want you to write down 3 names you like ... give him a sheet of paper and a pen...he might even do it there and then

jbtk Sun 18-Apr-21 16:37:12

I will try that with the hubby!

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spiderlight Sun 18-Apr-21 16:40:31

Adam is gorgeous and it goes beautifully with Omari. I feel your pain - my DH is a university lecturer and every name I suggested reminded him of a rude/dim/smelly student until I came out with a fairly obscure Welsh name I'd liked as a child, which he'd never heard of and which we ended up using.

GinJeanie Sun 18-Apr-21 16:41:32

Adam is great. A really strong name... I'm a fan of Hebrew names (beginning with J it seems) - Joseph, Jacob, Joel etc. Good luck! 😊

AnnaSW1 Sun 18-Apr-21 16:46:30

I absolutely love the name Adam it was my choice for a boy. Adam Omari sounds great.

Goatsgetmygoat Sun 18-Apr-21 16:47:03

Oscar Omari

TimeIhadaNameChange Sun 18-Apr-21 19:58:37

I love the name Merlin for a boy.

FWIW I didn't name my dd until day two. I never liked the idea of naming a child before meeting them, what if the name doesn't suit the baby?

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