Replacing wheel alloys

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DiscoNapper Sun 18-Apr-21 07:31:46

A year ago I burst my tyre and couldn't find the locking wheel nut key for my alloys, garage hacked off all 4 of my alloys and replaced them with standard wheel trims.

However, my car is on PCP and is due to be handed back (or paid for in full next year). If I wish to hand it back I'm going to have to replace the alloys aren't I? Or face a hefty charge.

Does anyone have an idea....roughly of how much it would cost to replace alloy wheels? For info it's a Corsa Sri Ecoflex. I've tried looking online but I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking for.

Posted in chat as I'm not sure where else to put it!

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Tommika Sun 18-Apr-21 08:21:18

Search google for the phrase ‘ Corsa Sri Ecoflex alloy wheels’ which will give a lot of results, with a second hand set in the region of £100 to £200

Refine your search with the tyre/wheel size etc and for those that looked like the originals you had

On some car parts sites you can search with your car registration to filter down to parts suitable to your model

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