Adult activity club thingy someone once posted??

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Sstrongtn Sat 17-Apr-21 19:06:46

How is that for vague? Was on a thread once that a poster recommended a group that people joined and they could just do different activities to try out as and when they had the time. It wasn’t a dating thing but helped you try new things without committing to a hobby, particularly when you didn’t really have a large friendship group.

I think it began with an S? Anyone any clue??

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bookgirl1982 Sat 17-Apr-21 19:49:08

A friend used to belong to one, I think it was called spice.

rookiemere Sat 17-Apr-21 19:53:21

Yes I think it's SPICE. I used to be a member when single and there were some good activities, but I mainly joined for the ski holidays.

Sstrongtn Sat 17-Apr-21 20:14:22

Spice yes that’s it thank you!!

Is it worth joining do you think?

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rookiemere Sat 17-Apr-21 21:26:27

It depends what you're looking for. I joined in my early 30s - many years ago. I found the activities were fun and enjoyed company on walking and ski holidays. I was hoping to meet a partner there but found that there were about twice as many females as males, and the blokes were slightly odd.

So if you're joining for activities and friends it's good. I think you can go along for a couple of things to try before joining.

Elieza Sat 17-Apr-21 21:36:32

Sounds interesting. I think it might be worth investigating further. smile

MEgirl Sat 17-Apr-21 22:50:18

You might find something on Meetup

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