If you are watching the funeral, are you watching bbc or itv?

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LudoBear Sat 17-Apr-21 14:06:48

My mum reckons most people will be watching BBC. What are you watching? BBC for me and my mum (separate homes)

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CoastAlong Sat 17-Apr-21 14:08:21


Mabelene Sat 17-Apr-21 14:09:25


Snowpatrolling Sat 17-Apr-21 14:09:55


eddiemairswife Sat 17-Apr-21 14:09:57

BBC on the red button; no Huw Edwards, just the ambient background music/noise.

ChessieFL Sat 17-Apr-21 14:10:11


ineedaholidaynow Sat 17-Apr-21 14:10:18

BBC (and I am sure my DM will be watching BBC too)

CallmeHendricks Sat 17-Apr-21 14:10:58

BBC, always.

ItsSnowJokes Sat 17-Apr-21 14:11:34


Wiglio Sat 17-Apr-21 14:11:48


CaptainCallisto Sat 17-Apr-21 14:12:01

BBC here

FluffMagnet Sat 17-Apr-21 14:12:19


CornishTiger Sat 17-Apr-21 14:13:06


Stroller15 Sat 17-Apr-21 14:13:15

BBC. I think the different short interviews are quite lovely.

BloomingBlooms Sat 17-Apr-21 14:13:24


Susannahmoody Sat 17-Apr-21 14:13:31

They're marching up the road now? The band?

sunshineandshowers21 Sat 17-Apr-21 14:13:32

bbc. if anything is ever on the two channels at once i always choose the bbc.

Susannahmoody Sat 17-Apr-21 14:13:52

Just want to check I'm up to date grin

Kittytheteapot Sat 17-Apr-21 14:14:07


Albacross Sat 17-Apr-21 14:14:18

BBC here too

wheresmyhairytoe Sat 17-Apr-21 14:17:01


Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g Sat 17-Apr-21 14:17:31

BBC, by default.

ScienceSensibility Sat 17-Apr-21 14:17:43

BBC. Always the national broadcaster for important occasions.

It has to be said that we Brits do a great ceremonial occasion. The standard of the military units I’ve seen so far is exemplary.

The timing is fantastic.

The attention to detail is admirable, and what a way to show respect to a man who has been a significant part of British life for so long.

Costaheaven Sat 17-Apr-21 14:18:04

BBC, found the horses weirdly poignant

HouseofWindsor Sat 17-Apr-21 14:18:07


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