Sorry really boring, are motion sensor kitchen bins any good?

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Phyllidakettle Sat 17-Apr-21 12:53:44

Just that really, and if you do have one and like it what make is it?

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ShoppingBasket Sat 17-Apr-21 12:55:49

I have one, they are very handy when you have your hands full. The only con to them is that when you are say scrapping a pot or something the lid can close down unless you move in front of the sensor.

BeepBoopBop Sat 17-Apr-21 13:00:37

Depends how big your kitchen is. If you need to pass by on a non-bin errand, then no as it opens. Also the sound is really irritating. Foot pedal bins are better IMO.

hedgehogger1 Sat 17-Apr-21 13:03:40

Just get a foot pedal one

eurochick Sat 17-Apr-21 13:07:29

I prefer a foot pedal. My husband bought our current bin and it's bloody annoying. After a while it stopped opening fully despite new batteries and wd40. And the lit always closes before I have finished scraping plates. I am looking forward to it going wrong.

DowntonCrabby Sat 17-Apr-21 13:10:43

We had one for a few years, it was handy I suppose but expensive and a bugger to clean/change the batteries.

Our pedal bin allows for no hands disposal and was cheaper and easier to clean.

Hopdathelf Sat 17-Apr-21 13:16:00

Are you all fully mobile most of the time? My DM struggles with a foot pedal bin as her mobility deteriorated and I couldn’t use one at all when I had a broken leg and for about six months after. We both managed by lifting the lid which was fine for the general bin but the differently designed recycling bin had the lid so flush with the body it was hard to open by hand. May not be an issue at all but could be if you have anyone at home older or with limited mobility.

iklboo Sat 17-Apr-21 13:22:31

Yes. It's really passive aggressive when you stand near it & don't put anything in it. I swear it's closing noise is more judgemental if you open it by accident grin

Elouera Sat 17-Apr-21 13:30:33

I can't recall the brand, but MIL had one which only lasted a year or 2. It wasn't a cheap one either. SO annoying when it went off constantly when we or the dog walked past etc and an annoying sound too!

I equally hate foot pedal ones. My preference is where you press the lid and it stays up. I can then chop and throw things in, then just close the lid when finished. I can also open the lid by using an elbow if needed.

Phyllidakettle Sat 17-Apr-21 13:35:06

Thanks everyone for your replies. I’ve read quite a a few reviews and a lot of people say the sensor gives up pretty quickly. I’ve not got any mobility issues thankfully. I’m beginning to think I’ll stick with a foot pedal bin.

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icebearforpresident Sat 17-Apr-21 14:28:39

I just got one, i've just moved house and since i cant yet do my dream kitchen i spent £40 on a kitchen bin with infrared sensor instead! The kids think it's great, they call it the magic bin. To me it's a bin, a fancy bin. I cant say its any better or any worse than any other bin, it's just a bit of a novelty.

vodkaredbullgirl Sat 17-Apr-21 14:34:02

Not if you have a dog, my 1 1/2 yr old pup worked it out in minutes.

Meruem Sat 17-Apr-21 15:48:24

I love my sensor bin. Not had any issues with it. Except sometimes I wave my hand in front of non sensor bins expecting them to open grin

MrsClatterbuck Sat 17-Apr-21 17:29:22

I have bought one but it's still in the packaging I can't quite give up my Lakeland pedal bin. When you press the pedal down firmly the lid stays up and then you just press it again to lower the lid. You don't need to keep your foot on the pedal for the lid to stay up. I must have it at least 15 years

Glittertwins Sat 17-Apr-21 17:46:51

Got one 6 months ago, didn't realise it had a sensor as I thought it was just the manual button. The motion sensor is useful and if we have a load of things to put in, we just use the manual override to keep it open. Bought rechargeable batteries for it too.

EscapeDragon Sat 17-Apr-21 18:00:36

We've got one at work (on our second - the first one broke after about 6 months) and it's not great. The batteries run out in no time at all, and the lid often gets stuck down or up.

Irritating noise and no better than a regular bin.

Polkadotpjs Sat 17-Apr-21 18:21:39

You can have mine. I hate it!

fiorentina Sat 17-Apr-21 18:59:47

We have one and I don’t think it’s that great. It was cheap-on offer when we got it, I wouldn’t buy another one.

WhatWouldPhyllisCraneDo Sat 17-Apr-21 19:04:38

It was great until the motor gave up about 6 months after I bought it. angry

ohsuzannah Sat 17-Apr-21 19:26:33

I've had to turn ours off and leave it open, because it kept opening on its own and frightening the dogs 😂

BobbinThreadbare123 Sat 17-Apr-21 19:29:25

I've got one. It's from It's been working fine for a couple of years now. It doesn't eat batteries.
The only thing that annoys me is the sensor is the same height as my bottom, so I have set it off and opened the bin unintentionally many times, walking past!

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