3 year old lost bear comforter

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londongirl12 Thu 15-Apr-21 23:06:08

It has literally disappeared off the face of the earth!!
DS3 sleeps with it at night. Lost it on Monday. Had it since he was a baby. I found a new one on eBay, £29 ( when it was only a couple of £ new from Bootsangry).
Should I buy the replacement bear (he'll understand it's not the same one but at least it's "bear"). Or should I take him to the shops and buy him a totally new bear? Every night he gets a bit upset and lays down and says "i want bear". My heart literally breaks for him. I want to fix it for him, but then part of me thinks buy a totally new bear, so he learns sometimes you can't just replace something? I don't know what to do for the best

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DaisyDreaming Thu 15-Apr-21 23:39:56

Do which ever will make him happiest. He doesn’t need to learn anything from this

sageflower Thu 15-Apr-21 23:49:45

Aww so sad, have you retraced the shops anywhere you've been on Monday? once my daughter dropped her bear in the supermarket, I didn't realise until I got home, someone had handed it into customer services.
I would buy the one from eBay though if I couldn't find it.

Pheebs2021 Fri 16-Apr-21 06:13:07

I've seen mumsnet be very useful for this sort of thing in the past, why not put a post on and ask if anybody has one? I don't personally but somebody might somewhere.

Theunamedcat Fri 16-Apr-21 06:18:38

So its in the house or did you leave the house?

Porcupineintherough Fri 16-Apr-21 06:27:16

Seriously? He's 3 and has lost his comfort object and you want to teach him a lesson?

edin16 Fri 16-Apr-21 06:27:57

Are you part of any big parenting Facebook groups? I asked on one of mine if anyone had a certain one and got offered one within minutes.

PegPeople Fri 16-Apr-21 06:31:02

It sounds like it's somewhere in the house, so hopefully it will turn up soon. If not surely the most logical option is to ask him which he would rather do, get a completely new bear or replace it with one thats the same?

Its pretty blooming sad though to read that one of your first thoughts on him losing something so important to him is to teach him a lesson. Who thinks like that when dealing with a bereft 3 year old. sad

Stiltonloving Fri 16-Apr-21 06:31:06

Put in a group / Twitter if not found buy new from eBay

LooseLipsSinkShips Fri 16-Apr-21 07:17:20

Start a new thread with concise bear information in the title, year, colour shop etc.

The way you say 'disappeared' makes it sound like you think,it's in the house in which case you need to find it. Do a grid search where you look on 1m squares at a time. I don't know about you but when I'm looking for something I'm too scattered. Is it in the wardrobe....halfway the looking when I think perhaps it's in the spare room then I'm off there and nowhere gets properly searched.

Boringnamechanging Fri 16-Apr-21 08:58:52

I now have 5 bunnies as ds4 is obsessed (even more so since covid and being home most of the last year) bought of eBay £15+ when original one was £5

I'd go with buying the bear again my ds knew that bunny was softer and fluffed up but he must of gone to the hairdresser!

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