Can you recommend a not too technical fitty bitty watch thing.

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MellieNelba Thu 15-Apr-21 19:20:07

I did have a fit bit that cracked after a while - I never got to grips with all the apps like the sleep business and I could never understand all the technical linking up. I just want a basic watch that tells the time and how many steps I have done.I have looked on Amazon and there is a vast array - can anyone recommend a decent one. Thank You.

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Heavymetaldetector Thu 15-Apr-21 19:21:10

Joining as I would also like a good fitty bitty thingy

Campervan69 Thu 15-Apr-21 19:24:03

Well I got a cheap highly recommended one off amazon and had to send it back because the step counter was wildly off. I've just gone back to my fitbit 1 which I've had since 2014 and is still holding up. I just fancied something that did more. But no point if it's telling you rubbish.

Hoorayhenryyah Thu 15-Apr-21 19:25:59

I had a Fitbit inspire hr it was fab, very simple to use and displays time, steps and calories burned. It also tracks sleep etc but I used it primarily for step and calorie count

ViperAtTheGatesOfDawn Thu 15-Apr-21 19:33:01

I've got a Versa Lite, I didn't want or need the smartphone stuff, just wanted steps and heart rate with a decent sized screen for my crap eyes. It's perfect, I just needed to switch the strap for a leather one as I find the silicon/plastic ones uncomfortable.

Boph Thu 15-Apr-21 19:34:55

I have an Amazfit Bip. Cheap and cheerful, it can do all sorts but I just use for step counts, timers, alarms plus it get my messages. Cost me about £70

Boph Thu 15-Apr-21 19:36:07

The thing I like most is that the screen can be viewed all the time - like a proper watch.

MellieNelba Thu 15-Apr-21 19:47:12

Thanks a lot - will have a good look round.

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H1978 Thu 15-Apr-21 19:51:23

I’d recommend an Apple Watch, really easy to use. Not quite basic in functionality but great to pair if you have an iphone.

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