Childcare in the summer

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Woeismethischristmas Thu 15-Apr-21 17:56:43

Do you think it’ll open up? I’ve not long started a new job and I can just about cover my hours with a bit of juggling but I’ll be stuffed if come the summer the holiday clubs don’t open.

Can’t work remotely and I’m just crossing things and hoping for the best. Scotland so June start, holiday club is hoping to hear a yes no or a maybe in the next few weeks.

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MrsLangOnionsMcWeetabix Thu 15-Apr-21 18:12:34

Are there any alternatives? Childminder? I’m pretty sure my neighbour’s son has been to football camp this week (Scotland) so fingers crossed for you.

KindergartenKop Thu 15-Apr-21 21:15:54

They were open at Easter.

Woeismethischristmas Tue 20-Apr-21 19:29:02

We had really limited stuff open at Easter. One school 45 minutes away. Normally the school in the town my jobs in does holiday care. They don’t know if they can open yet this year.

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