How many covid tests have you done?

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TeenMinusTests Wed 14-Apr-21 18:42:27

Just wondering whether we are unusual in that neither myself nor DH have had need to do a covid test at all?

DD hasn't done one either as she has been too unwell to return to school, so hasn't had to do the twice weekly tests that secondary pupils are doing.

Is this common, or are we an unusual household?

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Gizlotsmum Wed 14-Apr-21 18:43:10

We are doing 2 x a week for school but none before they returned this year

cluelessftm7 Wed 14-Apr-21 18:43:45

I've only had 2, I knew full well it was just a cold both times but had to have them because of work. DP hasn't had any so no I don't think you are in the minority.

MrsCaptainJakeBallard Wed 14-Apr-21 18:43:53

Me & DH have both done one which was positive.
No reason to test before having symptoms.

Thesearmsofmine Wed 14-Apr-21 18:44:04

None for me or any of the dc. DH has had to do a couple at work(after Christmas and Easter breaks)

tinytemper66 Wed 14-Apr-21 18:44:48

Only the LFT ones through work. Not because I think I may have had Covid.

Jbck Wed 14-Apr-21 18:45:43

None of us, 3 adults 1 teen.

Ralphschocolate Wed 14-Apr-21 18:45:56

I've had one PCR test and 14 LFT. Due to have another LFT tonight. I work in a school hence the high number.

Jbck Wed 14-Apr-21 18:47:02

In Scotland only senior secondary pupils were doing them and teen DD too young.

ImInStealthMode Wed 14-Apr-21 18:48:15

One PCR on returning from Majorca last summer.

Aroundtheworldin80moves Wed 14-Apr-21 18:48:28

So far only DH has done one between the four of us.

Will start LFT soon though (when children return to school)

ErleighBird Wed 14-Apr-21 18:48:52

None, three adults one teen.

SchrodingersMother Wed 14-Apr-21 18:49:17

Two a week

Usernameisgone Wed 14-Apr-21 18:50:33

0 for me an my oh

Hm2020 Wed 14-Apr-21 18:51:26

I did one after I’d been in close contact with someone who was positive and had a temp I had tonsillitis and knew this but thought it was better to check anyway it was negative. My ds has had one was negative

aibutohavethisusername Wed 14-Apr-21 18:51:46

None and I’ve worked in a supermarket all through lockdown.

greenlynx Wed 14-Apr-21 18:52:25

DH and I did none, DD did several LFT after going back to school in March.

crashbandicoot4 Wed 14-Apr-21 18:54:08

2 PCRs and 2lfd a week since dec.
2 per tests for symptoms before that.
1 antigen test last year

DramaAlpaca Wed 14-Apr-21 18:54:09

I've had one, as has adult DS2, both negative. DH, DS1 and DS3 haven't needed to have one.

vodkaredbullgirl Wed 14-Apr-21 18:54:11

2 lft and 1 pcr a week, been having pcr since last July. I work in care.

Justdowhatyouweretold Wed 14-Apr-21 18:54:51

I have done one lateral flow test and and wretched so much I nearly wet myself.

Newmama29 Wed 14-Apr-21 18:55:08

1, during labour as I had a high temp on admission, no other covid symptoms

TeenMinusTests Wed 14-Apr-21 18:55:10

So out of 16/17 responses so far, only 4 are from a completely test free household.

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brokengate Wed 14-Apr-21 18:57:11

1 for me before a section no symptoms just the rules. Other than that none. Two adults, two kids. Family live on same farm, same amount of people, none either.

WhiteBricks Wed 14-Apr-21 18:57:34

I've had 7 PCR tests 🤦 I'm NHS and we were told to test for very minor symptoms. I did genuinely have symptoms for all the tests but sometimes this was anxiety-driven. I was so terrified of passing Covid to vulnerable patients.

I do LFT now and haven't needed a PCR for about 3 months. DC has had X2 PCR though for high temp in the past 2 months! DH has had one since it all began.

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