DC was bitten by strange dog, owner has now contacted me

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Villanelle Wed 14-Apr-21 14:03:50

Yesterday my DC was bitten by a dog at the park. He was playing in the play area, went down the slide and then started running after his younger sibling, the dog came out of nowhere and started chasing him. It caught up to him and bit him on the leg and back. He was hurt (puncture wounds, bleeding and bruised) but not enough to need stitches, thankfully. It was terrifying though and could have been so much worse. It was a big dog, like a Weimaraner, and totally out of control in a children's play area, the children(!!) walking it had to drag it away.

We contacted the police but they're going to contact us again in a couple of days.
It was posted about on FB by someone who witnessed it. I didn't reply to it but somehow the owner of the dog has contacted me. They haven't apologised or anything, just given me their phone number and told me to phone them.

I want to shout at them for being so irresponsible, I'm so angry. I don't know if I should reply to them or just leave it up to the police/dog warden. I don't want to argue with them, of course, but I don't think they realise how awful the situation was?

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Ylvamoon Wed 14-Apr-21 14:07:03

Pass their phone number and FB message on to the police if you don't want to talk to them.

Twistered Wed 14-Apr-21 14:07:41

You may as well phone them. See what they say and decide what to do next

Sheepareawesome Wed 14-Apr-21 14:08:10

I wouldn't reply to them, no good would come of that. I would contact the police and pass their name and phone number on to them.

Hope your little one is OK.

Frymetothemoon Wed 14-Apr-21 14:08:35

I'd stay out of it and just pass on their contact details to the police.
So sorry about your DC. I hope he isn't too shaken up

HairboStrawb Wed 14-Apr-21 14:09:29

How awful for you to witness and for your DC!

I wouldn't contact the owner, I would ring the police and chase it up, this is highly serious and the police need to show you what they are doing to prevent it from happening again.

I work for our council and work closely with the dog warden department, they don't deal with dog on person attacks and this is left solely for the dangerous dog police to deal with.

I hope your DC is ok and not too traumatised by the experience!

Youdontknowwhatyouronabout Wed 14-Apr-21 14:09:45

I imagine they won’t want to commit to anything in black and white and want to speak to you about it to get your version of events & find out what happened/how DC is.

I’m sorry this happened, it must have been terrifying. Poor DC, I hope they will be okay. I would probably pass the number on to the police to speak to them tbh.

Profiterolegirl Wed 14-Apr-21 14:09:52

I would ring them. They probably feel terrible. They have approached you. There is no reason for you to think they don't realise how bad it was.

mindutopia Wed 14-Apr-21 14:10:09

There are too many idiots like this. I avoid so many places now because of the number of times I've had to drag dogs off of my children. Thankfully, they've never been bitten (only me), but they've had things snatched off of them, lunches eaten, one dog jumped up and nearly into my pram when my youngest was only about 3 months. I personally would have a hard time not telling them exactly what I thought of them, but really it would be wisest to turn their details over to the police. I might let them know I'd done so though.

EvilOnion Wed 14-Apr-21 14:10:52

I'd contact the owner. If kids had the dog out for a walk they may not be aware where they were and/or want to apologise.

Twistered Wed 14-Apr-21 14:10:53

Actually sorry I've changed my mind and agree with other posters! Don't contact them, just pass the FB message and their number to the police

RonSwansonsChair Wed 14-Apr-21 14:11:57

How did they get your phone number? I'd be very interested to know that.
To be honest if that was my child I couldn't talk to them as I'd be too angry.

CommunistLegoBloc Wed 14-Apr-21 14:12:35

I don't want to argue with them, of course, but I don't think they realise how awful the situation was?

Why do you think this? It's entirely possible they just want to know what happened. It's possible they think that your DS was chasing their dog, or teasing it etc. It would be really stupid to send a blanket admission of guilt without having had a conversation first.

It does sound really awful, and I hope once they know the story that they will take steps to control their dog. flowers

Sometimesonly Wed 14-Apr-21 14:13:37

Seeing as they couldn't even be bothered to write you a message I wouldn't contact them. Leave it to the police. Hope your son is ok!

Changechangychange Wed 14-Apr-21 14:14:11

Forward to the police. There isn’t anything the owner can say that will make this better, and a lot they can say which will make you want to find them and beat them to death (I expect they will say it was your DS’s fault for playing in a dog-free playground - these types of owner always tries to turn it round on the child).

SeaTurtles92 Wed 14-Apr-21 14:14:15


I would ring them. They probably feel terrible. They have approached you. There is no reason for you to think they don't realise how bad it was.

I'd feel terrible too if my out of control dog was being walked by my children and bit another child and had to be dragged off.

Actually I'd probably do the sensible thing before he mauls someone.

flowyglowworm Wed 14-Apr-21 14:14:15

I would pass their details onto the police and go from there.

GingerBeverage Wed 14-Apr-21 14:15:03

This is my fear in our park too. I would not contact back, but I would be chasing the police for an outcome.

Separately the park needs to review the security and signage around the play area. Our park the springs have gone on the gates and people leave them open, I'm just waiting for an attack as at every hour of the day there are dozens of dogs off leash.

Realistically people need to be fined. The £1000 off leash fines are not being implemented.

Wearywithteens Wed 14-Apr-21 14:15:03

If you ring them they’ll say ‘he was just being friendly’ - seems to be the mantra of mindless irresponsible dog owners. Just go to the police with their number.

poshme Wed 14-Apr-21 14:15:07

Keep an eye on the wound. If the skin around it starts going red go to a doctor ASAP.
Dog bites get infected very often and might need oral or IV antibiotics - (voice of experience)

Lou98 Wed 14-Apr-21 14:15:41

Personally I wouldn't phone, there could be any number of reasons they want to talk to you but it's best left to the police.

They may well be wanting to talk to you to apologise but just as equally they could be aggressive and trying to intimidate you not to go to the police. The fact they want it on a phone call instead of message when they've messaged you their number would make me wary that they don't want it in black and white.

Pass the name and number to the police and leave it to them to deal with

megletthesecond Wed 14-Apr-21 14:16:02

I wouldn't contact them. Leave it for the police. Hope your DC is better soon.

flowyglowworm Wed 14-Apr-21 14:16:02

I would also chase the police and I wouldn't contact anyone directly, for all you know it's to threaten you into being silent so your safest bet is leave the details with the police.

GingerBeverage Wed 14-Apr-21 14:16:10

Just to add that your DC may need some careful counselling after this in order to avoid a fear of dogs.

Poor little one x

TheYearOfSmallThings Wed 14-Apr-21 14:16:23

I would not call them back, just pass on their details to the police (today, don't wait for the police to call you).

Hope your DC is ok. I take it you have seen your GP and been advised whether a tetanus shot is needed?

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