What have you eaten today prt 2

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lastqueenofscotland Tue 13-Apr-21 19:40:20

First thread looking a little full

Dan Dan noodles
Jerk tofu, rice and peas, baby corn

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Collidascope Tue 13-Apr-21 19:47:30

Bran flakes
2 packs of wotsits
Quorn cocktail sausage
Butternut squash soup with toast and butter
2 kiwi fruits
Milky way
4 strawberries
1 bear apple yoyo
A few grapes
Lentil veggie cottage pie
Brownies with salted caramel, marshmallow topping and squirty cream

NormanSicily Tue 13-Apr-21 19:50:11

One portion of leftover veggie lasagne
one chocolate brownie
one chocolate Viennese whirl thing (thank you Mr Kipling)
One bag cheese and onion crisps
Four coffees

Really should try to eat some vegetables tomorrow, though the lasagne had courgettes, onions, celery, carrots and tomatoes in.

hellointhere Tue 13-Apr-21 19:54:01

Bacon and eggs for lunch, salmon, veg and rice for dinner, slice of cake and a cornetto for dessert

Bloodybridget Tue 13-Apr-21 22:08:47

B granola with yoghurt, prunes and banana, sourdough crumpet with Marmite, black coffee
Another black coffee
L toasted cheese sandwich, grapes, tea, chocolate cookie
S tea, sourdough crumpet
D liver, mashed potato, carrots, cabbage, onion gravy. Tea and a bit of milk chocolate

UniversitySerf Wed 14-Apr-21 02:09:15

Baked potato with tuna and cheese and salad
Stir friend, Pork, mange tout, baby sweetcorn, green beans with udon noodles in a broth

Bloodybridget Wed 14-Apr-21 20:49:06

B muesli with prunes, toast and Marmite, black coffee
L coffee, cheese sandwiches
S tea, sourdough crumpet
D pizza, spinach, green beans. Tea and a bit of milk chocolate

NormanSicily Wed 14-Apr-21 21:37:17

bowl Gr yog and honey
choc chip brioche
cheese salad wrap
ch and onion pasty, handful chips
lemon viennese whirl
Three coffees, one hot choc, diet lemonade.
Still failing on the fruit and veg front...

lastqueenofscotland Thu 15-Apr-21 09:23:24

Yesterday was left over jerk tofu with rice and peas
DP made a chickpea stew type thing

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lastqueenofscotland Thu 15-Apr-21 19:32:41

My hay fever and a slight hangover has knocked me for six
Vegan sausage roll
Pitta and hummus

Tomorrow I might eat something not beige

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LemonRoses Thu 15-Apr-21 19:36:08

Too much. We are away in our holiday cottage which always makes us feel like holiday food - even though we are working.
Just had a prawn curry and chicken curry with rice and onion bahji. Delicious, but not entirely good for our arteries.

onlyhereforthefood Thu 15-Apr-21 20:36:02

B- small bowl porridge made with almond milk

S- mix of cucumber, tomatoes and celery

L- itsu instant katsu noodles

S- salt and vinegar popchips, some melons

D- veggie personal sized dominoes pizza

S- two slices toast with marmite

enjoying a day of feeling relatively like a relatively human pregnant person!

Bloodybridget Thu 15-Apr-21 21:21:06

B porridge with maple syrup, toast and Marmite, black coffee
Another black coffee
L avocado, bacon, toast, tea
D macaroni cheese, spinach

lastqueenofscotland Fri 16-Apr-21 17:47:34

More mountains of beige
Getting a chippy later

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onlyhereforthefood Fri 16-Apr-21 19:45:35

B- 2 slices of toast and marmite
S- melon slices + a mini gingerbread man
L- tuna mayo sandwich + celery sticks
S- salt and vinegar pop chips, orange ice lolly
D- 1/2 a ham and pineapple pizza, salad
S- 2 more slices toast and marmite

Still living on carbs!

hellointhere Fri 16-Apr-21 21:48:20

B, two black coffees, sliced apple with a scoop of peanut butter. D, steak noodle soup (pho) and I had a green juice and cornetto for dessert

TheMotherlode Fri 16-Apr-21 21:53:05

Two pieces of whole grain toast
Three ryvitas
A cheese and pickle sandwich
Bag of salt and vinegar rice cakes
Piece of lemon drizzle cake
Broccoli, potato and ricotta frittata
Green beans
Tortilla chips and salsa

Bloodybridget Fri 16-Apr-21 22:57:10

B porridge with maple syrup, slice of toast, black coffee
S black coffee, croissant
L piece of leftover pizza, a few grapes. Half a cup of tea
S roast chicken, roast potatoes, spinach, tenderstem broccoli, gravy. A bit of milk chocolate

lastqueenofscotland Sat 17-Apr-21 20:04:54

Beans on toast
Pasta with home made lentil and mushroom “meatballs” in bolognese sauce with roasted tenderstem
Slightly less beige

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Appletreehat Sat 17-Apr-21 20:11:25

Breakfast - a few raspberries, abit of satsuma & a latte

Lunch - hawaiin toastie ( with quorn ham - recommend!)

Tea - left over pasta bake from yesterday with some brocolli & sweetcorn

Snack - apple
Lots of water
Cup of tea

paperdreams16 Sun 18-Apr-21 00:06:01

2 x coffee
Costa flat white
Beans on toast
Spaghetti with aubergine, tomatoes, garlic and spinach
Blueberries with Greek yoghurt and honey
Mini party rings and a few celebrations

AdoraBell Sun 18-Apr-21 00:09:49

B- black coffee and a handful of grapes
Snack - black coffee and carrot cake
Lunch - cheese and biscuits
Dinner- chicken curry, strawberries and cream.

Need to lose weight for a wedding. I can’t afford to buy new clothes 🤦‍♀️

Bloodybridget Sun 18-Apr-21 07:37:51

B porridge with maple syrup, slice of toast, black coffee
S black coffee, croissant
L scrambled eggs on toast, grapes
S tea and a chocolate biscuit
D chicken and chorizo paella, green beans. Tea and milk chocolate

AdoraBell Sun 18-Apr-21 16:18:04

Black coffee, yoghurt with homemade granola and frozen blueberries.

Black coffee out, DH bought carrot cake I didn’t want. Ate half of it.

Dinner will be roast pork with roast potatoes and veg.

mamaduckbone Sun 18-Apr-21 17:08:52

B - muesli, half a banana, orange juice, Greek yoghurt
L - salad with a bit of leftover pulled pork and some cheddar. A few almonds and grapes and a square of chocolate pinched from ds2's Easter stash.
D - will be roast chicken with all the trimmings.

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