Heavy snow in the South East

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Woodpecker22 Mon 12-Apr-21 06:52:32

Has anyone else got heavy snow this morning? I feel so sorry for all the businesses opening for outdoor eating today. It seems to be settling too.

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starbrightstarlight8888 Mon 12-Apr-21 06:53:25

I'm in East Anglia and haven't got any.

bushtailadventures Mon 12-Apr-21 06:54:53

Here too, been snowing a couple of hours (Oxfordshire) Quite glad I wasn't planning a pub visit today, be a bit chilly.

Sparklfairy Mon 12-Apr-21 06:55:10

No snow but its apparently -1! I read it was going to start warming up tomorrow. I hope so as like you say no one is going to be rushing out for some outdoor drinking/coffee etc.

DinosApple Mon 12-Apr-21 06:56:05

I'm in Suffolk and we've got a smattering. Looks beautiful, but I'd rather 15 degrees and sunny!

crazylikechocolate Mon 12-Apr-21 06:56:41

East Sussex , none here at the moment , none forecast but forecast is max 7°c

EventuallyDistracted Mon 12-Apr-21 06:56:51

Just a dusting here (Hampshire).

TheWaif Mon 12-Apr-21 07:01:03

None in my part of Essex, but it feels like there is. Freezing.

CigarsofthePharoahs Mon 12-Apr-21 07:07:24

Quite a bit here in Berkshire. DH was planning on taking our boys on a camping trip tomorrow. Oops.

sandgrown Mon 12-Apr-21 07:09:14

Get your big coats on and support the local businesses.

OldScrappyAndHungry Mon 12-Apr-21 07:10:54

Yep - snow here in Surrey! Crazy!

HelpfulBelle Mon 12-Apr-21 07:13:24

We’re in Oxfordshire, too 🥶 I had arranged to meet a friend outside Café Rouge in Witney. Ah well.

DoraChance Mon 12-Apr-21 07:14:48

A light dusting here in Essex

Cherrysoup Mon 12-Apr-21 07:15:10

Nothing in south Herts bar a hard frost.

0htooooodles Mon 12-Apr-21 07:15:58

West Sussex here and we've had enough to settle a good layer on cars/roofs etc

Toilenstripes Mon 12-Apr-21 07:16:37

Heavy snow in Oxford. I’m so done.

ChristinaYang10 Mon 12-Apr-21 07:17:08

Quite a bit here in berks, and still falling reasonably heavily.

JazzTheDog Mon 12-Apr-21 07:17:30

North East Scotland, we've had it for a week!

LemonDrizzles Mon 12-Apr-21 07:17:32

yes South West London

LudoBear Mon 12-Apr-21 07:18:10

Yes in Worcestershire. Its madness. I accidently took 2 sleeping tablets yesterday and thought I'd slept through to winter haha

Lolly49 Mon 12-Apr-21 07:18:24

South west London pretty heavy at the moment.I am just laughing think it’s hysteria just when you thought it couldn’t get worse.

ShadierThanaPalmTree Mon 12-Apr-21 07:18:52

A little where I am, it certainly isn't hampering plans to go to the pub though!

Whingey Mon 12-Apr-21 07:20:21

Hampshire. Settled on walls and roofs and coming down again.

Silvercatowner Mon 12-Apr-21 07:22:06

I wouldn't say it's 'heavy' - it isn't even settling on the roads and paths. It'll be gone by 11.

Hfjshdhs Mon 12-Apr-21 07:22:26

Yes it’s crazy here! SW London/Surrey border

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