advice re starting a sideline business

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SpanishFly Sun 11-Apr-21 14:03:21

Hoping someone can give me some pointers here. For a few years I've been making items for family and friends/friends of friends, eg water bottles, Mother's Day gifts etc, and have a FB page.
Now that I'm verging on making a little profit, I need to declare earnings etc - but could anyone give me a bit more advice than that - eg,
- does a business have to be registered? If so, why and how? Or can I sell on FB/etsy/ebay etc, but then simply declare those earnings in a tax return?
- What items need to be safety tested? Is it only toys (also items that have appeal to kids, I guess?) and clothing/fabrics?
- I will ask my local council re food certificates, so I can sell items containing pre-packaged sweets

I already have product liability insurance.

Many thanks flowers

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SpanishFly Thu 15-Apr-21 14:33:39


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