Best brownie company?

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jimjamjoo Tue 30-Mar-21 14:34:11

DH and I are going to start having brownies delivered every month as a little treat to ourselves.

We're looking for recommendations as there are SO many companies out there.

We've already tried the Gower Cottage and the Bridge Bakehouse- both delicious.


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JudyGemstone Tue 30-Mar-21 14:34:53

Brownie and the Bean

SoupDragon Tue 30-Mar-21 14:35:28

There was a big thread about this not so long ago which had lots of suggestions on it.

milinhas Tue 30-Mar-21 14:35:34

Bad brownie has always been good when I’ve had them

MaverickDanger Tue 30-Mar-21 14:36:20

Big Bear Blondies & Gower Cottage have been my two faves in lockdown so far!

I had a baby in lockdown and was sent about 6 different brownies from various companies and those two were hands down the best.

SoupDragon Tue 30-Mar-21 14:36:34

IstandwithJackieWeaver Tue 30-Mar-21 14:37:29

Bridge Bakehouse are near me - I go walking with a friend and we try to make sure we have a coffee stop there en route!

Try Lotus and Loaf - I've found them to be very good.

jimjamjoo Tue 30-Mar-21 15:24:00

@SoupDragon very helpful thanks.

@IstandwithJackieWeaver lucky you. They are lovely!

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tentative3 Tue 30-Mar-21 15:26:40

I ordered some from a MN'er, whose business is The Old Mill Supper Club. They were for a friend, who was thrilled. They looked lovely, I wish I was close enough to have had a taste!

IstandwithJackieWeaver Tue 30-Mar-21 15:27:06

I have tried several of their other cakes too. DP rates their carrot cake very highly.

Newnamefor2021 Tue 30-Mar-21 15:27:26

Gower cottage brownies

QueenPaw Tue 30-Mar-21 15:37:05

Both companies I've used

PaperMonster Tue 30-Mar-21 15:43:54

Finch Bakery

mogloveseggs Tue 30-Mar-21 15:45:17

Mrs bells brownies are delicious
Lou lous meringues too

edgeware Tue 30-Mar-21 15:48:32

I’m very picky, Gower cottage were lovely

HastingsIsSuckingDiesel Tue 30-Mar-21 15:59:51

We've tried loads of different cake delivery services over lockdown blushand Hetty's brownies are our favourites! She does a subscription service too.

Figmentofimagination Tue 30-Mar-21 17:22:43

Cake Tin Bakery! Absolutely adore them, especially their jammie dodger brookie (cookie with a brownie middle).

AnotherEmma Tue 30-Mar-21 17:25:06

Gourmet Brownie

Louloulemony Tue 30-Mar-21 17:26:49
Their Lotus Biscoff ones will change your life!

HermioneWeasley Tue 30-Mar-21 17:27:33

Yummy Yank

WhiteVixen Tue 30-Mar-21 19:37:49

This is a local to me company, they're amazing.

ExplodingCarrots Tue 30-Mar-21 19:54:10

Cardigan Bay Brownies. Honestly , the best brownies / blondies / cookie cups I've ever had.

Pumpkyumpkyumpkin Tue 30-Mar-21 19:56:18

We got sent some Bad Brownies and they were amazing, the salted caramel ones particularly

Nanasueathome Tue 30-Mar-21 19:57:59

I used to recommend Gower Cottage brownies
However, there’s a mumsnetter who makes them and I recently had some from there. They really are the best ever
Hang on and I’ll find the name for you

TheGriffle Tue 30-Mar-21 20:00:43 their salted caramel brownies are delicious. Sticky, gooey, just perfect. Actually everything is delicious.

I don’t think they do subscriptions at the minute but I’d order every week if I could.

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