They’ve only gone and discontinued Syndol...

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PoptartPoptart Sun 14-Mar-21 20:42:14

And it was literally the only thing that would shift my menstrual headaches 😩

The original Syndol contained paracetamol, codeine, caffeine and doxylamine succinate. They have pulled this off the shelves (no idea why) and they have now released a new version of Syndol which just contains paracetamol, codeine and caffeine (so basically the same as Solpadeine Max).

The doxylamine succinate must have been the secret ingredient as Solpadeine doesn’t even touch my menstrual headaches.

Ive been taking it for years with no ill effects so I have no idea why they have changed it.

I’m so cross and now dreading my next period without it angry

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TUGGY2006 Sun 14-Mar-21 21:06:51

Hi there, I get menstrual migraines every few months, I never tried syndol but got migratran the last time and my god it was fab. Its about 8 or 9 pounds for 2 tablets so very pricey but worth it to be able to function. Hope you get sorted its horrible with such a bad headache

MadisonMontgomery Sun 14-Mar-21 21:09:25

Don’t know if it’s any help but Kirkland sleep aid tablets are doxylamine succinate 25mg - could you combine them with the new formula syndol?

Icenii Sun 14-Mar-21 21:10:28

I thought this happened many years ago??

Tickledtrout Sun 14-Mar-21 21:17:30
It's an antihistamine known to induce drowsiness. You can buy something like this to supplement Solpadeine maybe? Or, to be safer, talk to your GP about prescribing it?

tonystarksrighthand Sun 14-Mar-21 21:21:11

Ugh!!! They did this years ago too and then it was re introduced. How annoying, I am the same op only thing that shifts the fuckers.

So ... DIY method it is. Cocodomal and buy the antihistamine separately

TwinsTrollsAndHunz Sun 14-Mar-21 21:24:32

Unfortunately, Syndol and Solpadeine are a big problem in OTC medicine abuse, dependence and addiction. It’s about time they were pulled from sale and had tighter restrictions on their sale. The risks and realities have been known about for years.


gamerchick Sun 14-Mar-21 21:26:18

I hear you OP. I'm still annoyed about medised. That stuff was brilliant when you had the flu or some other nasty arsed virus.

Allmyfavouritepeople Sun 14-Mar-21 21:27:28

They did this with migraleve (sp?) So Syndol was the next best thing. Good to read about the alternatives on here though.

mn81987 Sun 14-Mar-21 21:28:09

I get menstrual headaches and anadin extra is the only thing that works fine me. Maybe you could try that?

QueenOfTheDoubleWide Sun 14-Mar-21 21:28:24

GPs cannot prescribe doxylamine as it is not produced in the UK. Kirkland are Costco's own brand but I don't think you can buy via them in the UK and have to get it online from the USA. You only need a quarter of a tablet per dose I think
I know all of this because DD used to get migraines when revising at uni (presumably either tension in neck muscles or the effect of the computer) and Syndol was the only thing that helped so, when it was first discontinued, we went through all this to get an alternative

Icenii Sun 14-Mar-21 21:29:25

I had no idea they reintroduced the original formula. I though originally there was an issue with the licence.

tonystarksrighthand Sun 14-Mar-21 21:32:19


I had no idea they reintroduced the original formula. I though originally there was an issue with the licence.

Yes ... I think back in 2015 they re introduced the original formula. They are the only thing that shift a bastard of a headache

But as PP said, cocodomol and 1/4 of the Kirkland sleep aid - same ingredients

BillMasheen Sun 14-Mar-21 21:35:17

You sure it’s not just a local/ pharmacy thing OP?

I bought a pack on Thursday, no one mentioned anything. The UK syndol web page is still up.

During COVID/brexit there’s been supply issues. My local supermarket pharmacy often doesn’t have it. Or only has the one without the anti histamine. But there’s usually some in a pharmacy somewhere nearby.

It’s bloody brilliant and the ONLY thing that works for me.

BillMasheen Sun 14-Mar-21 21:38:27

Packs of 10 here

Boots and Lloyds are out of stock though.

Icenii Sun 14-Mar-21 21:38:56

Just bought a pack online. I get jaw headaches which have been worse lately as I have had to do Zoom face. I can't just have a natural relaxed face.

RavenT Sun 14-Mar-21 21:47:20

Also just bought a pack online. They are the only otc medication which eases my hormonal migraines. Usually only take 2 a month but they are a lifesaver.

BillMasheen Sun 14-Mar-21 22:02:21

Oh cripes. I’ve caused a nationwide run on OTC codeine.

RavenT Sun 14-Mar-21 22:46:11


PoptartPoptart Sun 14-Mar-21 23:01:12

Boots, Lloyds, Superdrug and Tesco are all out of stock near me. I’ve been trying to get some for about three weeks now.
I suspect the online pharmacies that have some are just selling off their remaining stock.
I hate it when this happens.
As a pp said, they did the same with Medised back when DS was young. It was the only medicine that allowed him to get a good nights sleep when he was poorly.
Gah 😣

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MenaiMna Sun 14-Mar-21 23:25:39

The good stuff had methocarbamol (for muscle spasms) but that disappeared about 11 years ago. The new syndol that's just been pulled was useless. I replaced it with "Tylenol night pain" but you have to get that from North America. If you have a genuine problem with spasms you might get a gp to prescribe methocarbamol separate from analgesic?

Mayormaynothavehadit Sun 14-Mar-21 23:27:03

You are bloody joking? Oh god not again

Icenii Fri 19-Mar-21 13:02:12

My order arrived. It was advertised with the ingredient, but arrived without! I'm annoyed as I have a terrible headache from grinding and clenching my jaw.

callthevet Fri 19-Mar-21 13:42:23

I didn't realise it was ever back. Damn.

PoptartPoptart Fri 19-Mar-21 14:47:09

I did the same as you @Icenii
I ordered some online (the pictures showed they were the good ones containing Doxylamine) but when they arrived they were just the regular Syndol headache relief containing only paracetamol, codeine and caffeine.
Not happy. They are no good - just the same as Solpadeine.
I can’t get them anywhere 😩

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