Spirits - beyond the ‘obvious’ brands

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TherapyTankedMySelfEsteem Fri 12-Mar-21 16:25:02

Can anyone recommend interesting new brands of spirits to try?

I’m a bit bored of wine - and I don’t want the mess of mixed cocktails.

Finishing a nice Chase pink gin - which was fun. Worth the mark up in price (I kid myself I drink by price not volume - so better brands are better for my liver)

Wondering about trying a whisky ...? Don’t know any brands other than JD.

Any other ideas?

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purrswhileheeats Fri 12-Mar-21 16:39:10

Can you get Vodka North in the UK? It's more of a liqueur (20%) and sipped neat rather than adding a mixer.

purrswhileheeats Fri 12-Mar-21 16:42:29

Sorry it's 'Smirnoff North' blush

TherapyTankedMySelfEsteem Fri 12-Mar-21 16:45:27

Can’t see that - can see normal smirnoff - or ‘flavoured’ - which looks a bit dubious

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purrswhileheeats Fri 12-Mar-21 16:47:19

Picture attached!

OilBeefHooked Fri 12-Mar-21 16:50:59


Big fan of their brecon gin. Usually much cheaper on Amazon - and they even got their chocolate orange gin into Lidl this Christmas.

GearChange Fri 12-Mar-21 17:18:18

Four Pillars gin is very nice and available on Amazon (I think). Also Zubrowka vodka is very nice and good with apple juice as a mixer.


AdventureIsWaiting Fri 12-Mar-21 17:22:20

Tallisker is lovely. My favourite is Tallisker Storm.

NeverDropYourMoonCup Fri 12-Mar-21 18:20:48

Plymouth Gin, Plymouth Navy Strength Gin, Plymouth Sloe Gin.

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