Help! I need a birthday present for my son by Thursday

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Birthdayaghh Mon 08-Mar-21 20:05:11

Help! Ds will be 9 on Thursday. We ordered him one of those folding multi games tables (from a recommendation on here actually!) and just gone to make it up and it seems really flimsy and shite. Bits are chipped etc and I can just see it breaking easily and being a disappointment.

He is lucky in that he has nice bike and scooter and a ‘phone’ already and isn’t into consoles.
But that leaves me with no idea what to get him. Would rather get one big thing and it has to be something I can order from prime or buy from ‘essential’ shop or collect in the next 2 days.

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unkindnessofravens Mon 08-Mar-21 20:08:01

Lego? Always a hit with my DS9 and lots of different sets on Amazon depending on your budget

Howmanysleepsnow Mon 08-Mar-21 20:08:34

What counts as big? Roller skates? Klask? 3D pen?

Aroundtheworldin80moves Mon 08-Mar-21 20:10:21

Chemistry set?

Prestissimo Mon 08-Mar-21 20:10:44

Got my 8 yo ds a pogo stick for Christmas - went down well.

Birthdayaghh Mon 08-Mar-21 20:11:08

He doesn’t like Lego anymore. Used to love it.
Big = £100 ish

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orangejuicer Mon 08-Mar-21 20:11:28

What's your budget?

Does he like a particular activity or any hobbies? Films? Could you set up a movie night/ cinema room thing? A fun tea plus money if you can spare it?

Lego is always good. Any favourite sports?

Sorry if these are rubbish ideas!


orangejuicer Mon 08-Mar-21 20:12:12

Sorry just saw your post. What about a kids' Fitbit?

Lynora Mon 08-Mar-21 20:14:52


carrierbags Mon 08-Mar-21 20:15:24

Footie goal?

Birthdayaghh Mon 08-Mar-21 20:15:32

He has a pogo stick-loves it.
He also has a hover board which he loves. He likes anything that moves!
He likes animals, football (but not into a team really)
The games table idea seemed great.

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Birthdayaghh Mon 08-Mar-21 20:15:50

Drone might be a goer

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Aroundtheworldin80moves Mon 08-Mar-21 20:16:05

Y scooter

maz82 Mon 08-Mar-21 20:22:19

What about a kart to convert his hover board into a go kart? My ds and dss love these.

Popfan Mon 08-Mar-21 20:24:05

How about a projector? You can link your phone into it so youtube is projected onto a wall. Games consoles also link to them.

sorryiasked Mon 08-Mar-21 20:29:49

Could you just get another games table? Eg this one has good reviews.

Birthdayaghh Mon 08-Mar-21 20:30:05

He has asked for a go kart for his hover board before but we live on a hill so I don’t think he’d get much use out of it.

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Sprig1 Mon 08-Mar-21 20:31:14

Metal detector?

Birthdayaghh Mon 08-Mar-21 20:31:53


Could you just get another games table? Eg this one has good reviews.

Tempting! Dh is reluctant as thinks it will be equally shit but it does look a bit better

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indecisivewoman81 Mon 08-Mar-21 20:35:48

What about a camera? Or a trampoline if you have the space?

1starwars2 Mon 08-Mar-21 20:36:23

@Sprig1 have you got any metal detector recommendations?
DS2 bought one for himself from Wish during lockdown 1. It took forever to come and was shit.
I am thinking of getting a better one.

HiyaMeAgain Mon 08-Mar-21 20:37:51

A Fitbit or similar?
Remote control car-you can get ones you have to bills yourself

Birthdayaghh Mon 08-Mar-21 20:54:11

Thanks all. We are going to try the (hopefully) better quality table -being delivered tomorrow! and think remote control car as a back up. Maybe a voucher for a day out (eventually) but i don’t think this would wow him.

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IWantMyHoney Mon 08-Mar-21 20:57:24

Gravitrax xxl

SmednotaSmoo Mon 08-Mar-21 20:59:15

Got my eight year old a tumblebee - like a remote control car but with more flips - for Christmas and it was a hit.

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