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Can somebody hold my hand whilst I take a pregnancy test, I'm terrified

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Plzholdmyhandforamin Mon 01-Mar-21 21:41:16

My period is 6 days late, I have a certain type of discharge, period like cramps but different to actual period pains (I had this with DS before I tested positive) my boobs are so sore and I'm ridiculously thirsty.

I didn't connect the dots until I checked the calender and realised how late I am.

I can't have another baby for so many reasons.

Lack of space
My mental health is shit
My eldest is disabled and wouldn't cope with another baby
I almost died giving birth to my youngest and have PTSD from that.

I would have to abort but doing so would just about finish me off, I've always been against abortions where my body is concerned (but fully support other women's rights to make decisions about their own)

I was taking precautions but clearly not enough.

OH has gone to the small Tesco extra down the road to buy a test.

Please hold my hand I'm terrified

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mxmxm Mon 01-Mar-21 21:43:04

[hand holding] here at the ready for you ❤️

Luffsmypup Mon 01-Mar-21 21:43:41

Holding your hand.
Deep breaths, don’t panic.

needadvice54321 Mon 01-Mar-21 21:44:24

Right here x

User1511 Mon 01-Mar-21 21:44:52

❤️ I hope it’s negative OP x

Dollywilde Mon 01-Mar-21 21:45:27

Here with you darling.

Positivelysober Mon 01-Mar-21 21:45:42

Holding your hand x

ApolloandDaphne Mon 01-Mar-21 21:46:30

We are here for you whatever the outcome.

PeopleAreAllWeveGot Mon 01-Mar-21 21:47:29

Here for you x

OhToBeASeahorse Mon 01-Mar-21 21:50:00

Hand hold right here OP

Plzholdmyhandforamin Mon 01-Mar-21 21:57:00

It's positive

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TokenGinger Mon 01-Mar-21 21:59:20

I'm so sorry, OP. Take some time to come to terms with it and try not to worry too much tonight or tomorrow about next steps. Just take some time to get your head around it xx

needadvice54321 Mon 01-Mar-21 21:59:25

Oh op, sorry sad

Anotherdayanotherdollar Mon 01-Mar-21 21:59:36

Sorry to hear you didn't get the result you hoped for flowers

Brunt0n Mon 01-Mar-21 22:00:59

Here for you 🖐
There are ALWAYS options
It’ll be okay, promise

wheresmycrown Mon 01-Mar-21 22:01:44

❤️ op x
I'm sorry it's not the answer you were hoping for.

No need to make a decision today. Let it sink in a bit and sleep on it. Make the decision with a clear head x

TokyoSushi Mon 01-Mar-21 22:03:11

Small steps, it sounds like you're still very early, so you have options flowers

Positivelysober Mon 01-Mar-21 22:03:16

I'm sorry it's not the result you wantedflowers

Malteser71 Mon 01-Mar-21 22:03:36

That was quick

Neverspeakofthisagain Mon 01-Mar-21 22:04:12

I'm sorry OP.

I'm sure you are off having a good cry and I don't blame you.

Somehow, things will work out. Will your OH support you in your decision?

Neverspeakofthisagain Mon 01-Mar-21 22:06:38


That was quick

It was quick, but it would take me about 180 seconds door to door, to get a pregnancy test from where I am sitting at home. Two minutes to pee and a couple of minutes to wait for a result.

AngelDelightUk Mon 01-Mar-21 22:06:57

Hope your OH is being supportive. You can deal with this x

User1511 Mon 01-Mar-21 22:08:37


Plzholdmyhandforamin Mon 01-Mar-21 22:10:24

It says 3+ weeks

My last period began on 25th Jan

OH %100 does not want more children, nor do I but the prospect of a termination is gut wrenching.

To the PP who said that was quick, cheers for that. He was already on his way to the shop when I posted. Please don't goad me I cannot be fucking arsed.

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Plzholdmyhandforamin Mon 01-Mar-21 22:12:12


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