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Another electricity one!

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islandtime Tue 16-Feb-21 20:55:54

Since we moved into our new house in mid Dec we have been unable to set up an electricity account. The vendors said that the supplier was Eon and this has been confirmed by the meter database (who look up your address and confirm the supplier - actually the said it was Powergen but it looks to be the same company?).
Whenever we try to give our meter reading we get told that they don’t match their records and when they ask to confirm the meter reference number it is not recognised . Also they keep saying on the phone that it is supposed to be a pre paid meter which it doesn’t appear to be ( see pictures) also it has never run out or needed to be topped up so not sure how it could be pre paid. Any suggestions about what we can do? We have called, facebooked emailed Eon but each time they just say the same thing, that the meter doesn’t match and that we should speak to the pre paid department.
Any help would be very welcome!

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PerpendicularVincent Tue 16-Feb-21 21:00:49

It sounds like there may have been a mix up with the meter at your house being registered to another property. Either that or a meter exchange that hasn't been processed.

Do you live on a new build estate or in a block of flats?

BlueTimes Tue 16-Feb-21 21:02:44

Look on the side of the meter for a MPRN and give EON a call back with that and the meter serial number.

islandtime Tue 16-Feb-21 21:12:35

Thank you, it is a @PerpendicularVincent it is a older property, sold at auction, refurbished by a building company and sold on to us, so no one has lived here for a while although presumably the building company used the electricity before us

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islandtime Tue 16-Feb-21 21:15:19

@BlueTimes thank you, there is nothing on the side though and I have read every single number / code etc printed onto the front to the phone operators and also sent them photos and they haven’t helped sadly

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islandtime Tue 16-Feb-21 21:16:13

There is also another number on the yellow tag but that didn’t help either

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Woeismethischristmas Tue 16-Feb-21 21:19:09

Honestly I’d work out how much you should pay and set up a savings account and be prepared for a whopper of a bill at some point. Keep your photos of initial meter readings.

butterfly990 Tue 16-Feb-21 21:36:50

Slightly different scenario. My friend switched energy supplier to get a cheaper deal.

The new supplier did not recognize that she had moved over to them. She rang them numerous times, emailed them etc. Well over a year later she gets a bill from the new supplier for over £2,000. She could not pay this and refused to pay.

She got jn touch with the energy ombudsman who agreed with her. The end result was z compensation payment to her from the new energy supplier and a revised bill of @ £300.

This may well be your only way forward.

PerpendicularVincent Tue 16-Feb-21 21:46:15

A meter exchange needs to be done by your supplier to recognise that the meter you have is in your house.

Take clear photos of the readings and meter serial number and send them over to Eon, requesting the exchange - it can take 30 days.

It may be a pre payment meter in 'credit' mode, which means that it hasn't been switched to prepayment. Don't worry about that though, just request the exchange.

If you don't get any resolution, raise a complaint - if this isn't resolved satisfactorily you can then go to OFGEM.

islandtime Tue 16-Feb-21 21:46:30

I agree, I went to pay the bills as we go along - not end up with a massive bill!

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NannyGythaOgg Tue 16-Feb-21 21:47:46

I had that 20 years ago with my. Having tried to contact them to be told that it didn't match and therefore nothing to do with them I could do no more. I put money away every month for a couple of years but life got complicated and I stopped.
Eventually after 8 years, the company was taken over by a different one who got in touch wanting me to pay £2500. There is no way I had that sort of money and research told me they couldn't back charge fro the whole time and particularly as it was their fault. In the end they charged me £400 for one year and I accepted that.

I think that the gas meter had been changed illegally before my time so my meter wasn't the one they had registered for that address.

islandtime Tue 16-Feb-21 21:52:40

@PerpendicularVincent thank you, will send the photos again (third time lucky) and request this. It’s hard to get a response though as we don’t have an account - as have been unable to set one up!

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ForTheLoveOfWine Tue 16-Feb-21 21:58:05

Register with a new supplier this should prompt your current supplier to send a final bill to you. Make sure you have photos of meter reads in case of any issues with the final bill

ForTheLoveOfWine Tue 16-Feb-21 21:59:52

Just for reassurance an energy company can only back bill for 12 months if they haven’t billed you correctly

ForTheLoveOfWine Tue 16-Feb-21 22:04:34 Just in case you haven’t tried this

islandtime Wed 17-Feb-21 16:14:20

Thanks for the link, I have done the search and they confirmed that UK power network operate the network and they in turn confirm Eon is the suppler...Do you think that you can change supplier without having an existing account, I wasn’t sure if it would be possible.. i think the main issue is going to be that they think we are on pre pay when we are not confused

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ForTheLoveOfWine Wed 17-Feb-21 19:34:40

Yes you can - the new supplier will take all your details and start the process. I’m surprised eon can’t sort this with pictures and taking some details over the phone! Hopefully you have more luck with another supplier

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