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Cath Kidston - help me find a mug please

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Magicbabywaves Wed 17-Feb-21 07:39:48

It’s making me want more Stanley mugs-as I’m sat here drinking tea out of one!

Fuss Tue 16-Feb-21 19:54:12


I thought CK had gone bust?

they closed their high street stores. They are now online based.

Romanmurals Tue 16-Feb-21 19:23:30

I’d missed the coming soon comment, thanks magicbabywaves, will keep checking

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Sadandsadder Tue 16-Feb-21 19:14:55

I thought CK had gone bust?

Magicbabywaves Tue 16-Feb-21 19:12:41

The comments underneath from the brand said they’d ‘be coming soon’. Annoying but I guess keep looking.

Tobebythesea Tue 16-Feb-21 19:08:14

I had a quick look but couldn’t find them. I’d contact them directly. Good luck.

Romanmurals Tue 16-Feb-21 19:04:53

I kept getting this Cath Kidston ad come up on my Instagram feed and being easily influenced I really want the mugs in the corner of the picture.

I’ve searched the website and just can’t find them, just wondering if anyone has been able to buy them?

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