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Does anyone have a child with an IBD (Chrones, etc)

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Remmy123 Mon 15-Feb-21 20:08:13

My son has had diarrhea since Christmas, frequent trips to the toilet and bright red blood (not mixed with stool)

He has been referred to gastro ward but in the meantime, has anyone's child got Chrones? What were symptoms?

My son just has loose/ mushy v smelly stools (sorry TMI), no pain, eating well and thriving otherwise.

Reading about Chrones it seems to come with pain etc?

Any experience?

Celiac has been ruled out.


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Merinocool Mon 15-Feb-21 20:16:11

My eldest has crohns, I think symptoms can really vary depending on where about in the body they have it. For mine he has it in the small bowel and mouth, his lips flare up and get inflamed and sore/ulcers and he struggles with weight gain. He’s very very skinny, 6ft but only 7 stone and that’s been a complete battle to get him there. His symptoms are tummy pain around his belly button area, constipation a lot, bloating.

I hope your DS is okay it’s such a worry when they are poorly.

Remmy123 Mon 15-Feb-21 20:24:52

Thanks - I'm just baffled as no pain or any other issues! But his stool reading for fecal calprotecine was sky high they were surprised he isn't in pain!!

Think he is coming out of his recent flare up as toilet trips much less frequent.

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Merinocool Mon 15-Feb-21 21:01:06

My son got so used to being uncomfortable he didn’t particularly see it as pain if that makes sense? It’s like he just got used to feeling that way. He isn’t in agony by any means, just pain after eating, I was really surprised when they diagnosed him as he didn’t have what I would class as typical symptoms.

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