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What will happen to renters after covid?

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FindingMeno Mon 15-Feb-21 19:55:13

When evictions begin again, what is going to happen to families whose income has reduced and they can no longer afford to rent in the area they work in and their children go to school in?
Where will the potential tsunami of families unable to afford their current housing go?
Something has to give, surely?

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Asdf12345 Mon 15-Feb-21 19:58:50

In some areas market rates may go down if landlords can’t find applicants able to pay the old rates. In others rates may go up if demand increases for more rural larger properties with more space for home working.

In either case if people can afford local rates they either have to downsize as their budget allows or move somewhere they can afford.

bridgertonian Mon 15-Feb-21 20:01:13

Universal credit do a housing payment that can go towards rent, there is also possibility of council tax reduction. It’s not going to be the answer in every situation but there really isn’t a one size fits all option at the moment. At least it is already in place so hopefully will be enough to keep most people in their homes.

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