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Your Netflix Recommendations please!...

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spiderplantwoman Mon 15-Feb-21 19:13:49

Films or a series... recently I loved The Queens Gambit, Pose, It's a sin, Firefly Lane...
Can also be C4 or BBC but I don't have Amazon Prime...

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judgingcat Mon 15-Feb-21 19:14:52

Bridgerton. grin

Stealthynamechange Mon 15-Feb-21 19:16:02

Have you got apple tv? The morning show is brilliant

TUGGY2006 Mon 15-Feb-21 19:17:27

Chesapeake shores is such a lovely & easy watch. I enjoyed it because there's no nasty drama in it, the characters are actually happy and normal.
Also virgin River is a good one too.

hassletassle Mon 15-Feb-21 19:18:14

Summer of rockets
White tiger

Stealthynamechange Mon 15-Feb-21 19:19:02

Ps i second bridgerton 😍

AIMummy Mon 15-Feb-21 19:19:27

Contagion 😬.

Zebra100 Mon 15-Feb-21 19:20:32

News of the World, new Tom Hanks film,not much happens but easy to watch.

onthinice Mon 15-Feb-21 19:22:44

Was going to suggest fire fly lane but you've already watched it. Have your seen dead to me?

I've also enjoyed bloodline (quite a few years old now so you might have seen it), insatiable, good girls, back to life, after life.

On bbc ghosts and the other one are quite funny.

AlaskaThunderfuckHiiiiiiiii Mon 15-Feb-21 19:24:53

Yes to Bridgerton
Also how to get away with murder was fantastic
Mind hunter

AnaViaSalamanca Mon 15-Feb-21 19:26:35

Seconding how to get away with murder

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