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Are hairdressers definitely shut?

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Scr1bblyGum Mon 15-Feb-21 17:49:11

I had an appointment tomorrow and there is nothing on the website saying they’re shut. No answer when I ring to check. Had no notification of appointment cancelled.

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LIZS Mon 15-Feb-21 17:49:53

Yes they are, mine was due to be tomorrow too,

SunshineNeededNow Mon 15-Feb-21 17:50:41

Yes. They prob assume everyone would know it's cancelled.?

Werewomennotpeople Mon 15-Feb-21 17:50:50


Pretty sure it’s obvious they are shut and they wouldn’t bother with a cancellation message

halcyondays Mon 15-Feb-21 17:51:08

Of course

TeaPiglet Mon 15-Feb-21 17:52:21

Ffs, no one is answering because no one is in the shop because the whole flipping nation is shut you absolute numpty.

picknmix1984 Mon 15-Feb-21 17:54:06

They have been shut for weeks!

greensnail Mon 15-Feb-21 17:55:19

In England they're shut. I would imagine they'll be in touch to rebook you when they've got some idea when they'll be allowed to reopen.

Sirzy Mon 15-Feb-21 17:55:27

Assuming your in the U.K. then yes, the national lockdown is a clue surely?

dementedpixie Mon 15-Feb-21 17:56:42

Also shut in Scotland

Scr1bblyGum Mon 15-Feb-21 17:56:48

In my defence. Last time they put a message on their website and Facebook page. Activity on both with no mention of lockdown this time.confused

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Alternista Mon 15-Feb-21 17:57:16

Um yeah, there’s this thing going on, you might have heard about it, it’s called coronavirus... grin

SoThisisMe Mon 15-Feb-21 17:57:43

Seriously? hmm

XPuppetry Mon 15-Feb-21 17:59:05

Lots of home hair dressers and hair dressers open on sly here

I don't agree with it but its definitely happening

CorianderBee Mon 15-Feb-21 18:00:06

They've been shut since December... but if you're worried just call the salon

HollyBollyBooBoo Mon 15-Feb-21 18:00:10

Yes! We're in a lockdown!

dogsaremypeople Mon 15-Feb-21 18:04:03

Of course they're shut they prob don't feel the need to announce it on their website seeing as the whole nation already knows we're in lockdown.

EveryoneRevealsThemselves Mon 15-Feb-21 18:07:41

“Close contact services are required to close”

garlicwhorl Mon 15-Feb-21 18:08:50

They’re not answering because...they’re shut 🤦🏻‍♀️

CuriousaboutSamphire Mon 15-Feb-21 18:17:20

Yes, in England at least.

Mine has put me back in the waiting list as my appointment was last week.

PotteringAlong Mon 15-Feb-21 18:20:17


islockdownoveryet Mon 15-Feb-21 18:31:20


I had an appointment tomorrow and there is nothing on the website saying they’re shut. No answer when I ring to check. Had no notification of appointment cancelled.

Yeah it’s funny no answer when you ring I mean I wonder if it’s shut ? .

Mine was due to be Saturday I’m not going to ring and ask if it’s still open because well it’s shut .confused

peak2021 Mon 15-Feb-21 19:23:01

Which rock have you been living under OP? Whilst an answerphone message would have been nice, I'm amazed you need to ask.

CloserClarice Mon 15-Feb-21 19:25:22

Are you being serious?

Cocopogo Mon 15-Feb-21 19:34:46

So many rude people. If you’ve nothing nice to say then why comment?

To be fair there’s so many shops open this time that wasn’t allowed last time that don’t seem to be ‘essential’ but clearly found a loophole.

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