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Accessing premium bonds I had when I was a child

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dancemonkeys Mon 15-Feb-21 10:22:00

Has anyone managed to do this? How do you get round it?

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solicitoring Mon 15-Feb-21 10:22:51

Just send them a letter. If you know the address they will find them. If you have the band number it's even easier.

BarbaraofSeville Mon 15-Feb-21 10:31:44

There's a link about locating bonds on the website.

Even if you don't know where you were living when the bonds were bought, they can probably work off your name and date of birth, unless you have a very common name.

dancemonkeys Mon 15-Feb-21 10:37:02

Sorry I should have said that they want a signature from my mother, but she doesn’t want to give it (she is very peculiar about “signing things,” plus even if she were ok with it she lives at the other end of the country!

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