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Parallel universe - the crashed car that wasn’t and the missing juice

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TransplantedScouser Thu 18-Feb-21 20:07:46 gin In the squash

The glass is still awol

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SooMoony Tue 16-Feb-21 13:37:17

How much gin was in your lemon squash? grin

The glass will turn up in the most unlikely of places. The crashed/not crashed car is bizarre though. Maybe you both had deja vu at exactly the same time?

Northernsoullover Mon 15-Feb-21 18:13:02

I lost a cup of tea once..I went crazy looking for it. A week later, lying in bed pondering life and the universe and saw it on top of my wardrobe! I must have put it up there to look for something.

RubyandPearl Mon 15-Feb-21 18:09:08

If it was a plastic bonnet do you think it's possible someone could have bent it back into position very quickly? I'm intrigued! Has the lemon squash turned up yet?!

TransplantedScouser Mon 15-Feb-21 08:51:29

Yes, the other two vehicles were there as well. It was not in the paper / was just a fender bender with a merc that has a plastic front end (as they all do now)

No. It wasn’t a diffeeent car with similar plates. We are that annoying couple think - xxxy xxx and xxxz xxx so we’re used to private plates.

Was 100% the same car and same woman - she was getting in to drive it and previously was standing next to it on the phone

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PutTheCakeDOWN Mon 15-Feb-21 07:42:48

Was the crash in the paper?

isoflix Mon 15-Feb-21 07:39:36

When you passed the car the second time was the other two vehicles involved there too?

LApprentiSorcier Mon 15-Feb-21 07:36:51

If this were the plot of a thriller, the explanations would be:

White Mercedes woman is actually an employee of M15 (or similar) - they whisked away her crashed car and replaced it with an identical one, down to the same plates.

Lemon squash - Someone had poisoned the squash. Your DH got rid of it to stop you drinking it but didn't tell you because he didn't want to worry you.

JemimaRacktool Mon 15-Feb-21 07:36:51

A glitch in the matrix at Waitrose comes as no shock to be honest.

MajorMujer Mon 15-Feb-21 07:35:13

The car crash - time slip ?
The cordial - brain fart ? ( I'm peri menopause, my brain misfires on a daily basis grin)

TheLaughingGenome Mon 15-Feb-21 07:32:44

Your yellow glass of lemon squash is in the cupboard where you keep laundry detergent.

The car thing, you got two cars confused. Or you time travelled. Use Occam's Razor.

EggysMom Mon 15-Feb-21 07:32:27

(1) Husband and wife have identical white Mercs with very similar memorable number plates. One crashed their car (undriveable), the partner later turned up to pick them up.

(2) You'll find it on a windowsill or shelf somewhere, you've just forgotten where you put it.

newbie222 Mon 15-Feb-21 07:30:01


newbie222 Mon 15-Feb-21 07:29:44

I live weird shit like this

Deathraystare Mon 15-Feb-21 07:25:01


TransplantedScouser Mon 15-Feb-21 03:06:38

On Saturday two things happened that have freaked me out and still plays on my brain. Hence being awake at 3am.

1. Went town to get shopping - wanted to go to Waitrose which is in a one way system where you have to drive around the system to get out. Traffics very bad on the way there - discovered a three car bump where the back one as a white Mercedes, front end crumpled up and the bonnet bent. DH and I looked at each other and said that ain’t going anywhere soon. It had a personalised plate which was illegally spaced which was obvious.

Got to Waitrose, saw a bloody long queue and decided I could wait for what I needed until another day. So to get out we had to go back around the one way system.

No more than five minutes had passed. As we drive back past the accident, a woman was getting into the white Mercedes. Bonnet perfectly ok, front end not crumpled and same personalised plate as before. We both saw it and were suitably freaked.

Then later that day...

2. I was making up a jug of lemon cordial and was making up an extra glass as I knew we were going to have a few drinks and I often drink a lot through the night afterwards so I intended to put it into the drinks fridge upstairs later on so it was there if I needed it.

When I went up I was carrying laundry so didn’t take it up. Later that night in the way to bed I looked in the downstairs fridge and it was not there. A little bit tipsy I just assumed I’d taken it upstairs anyway but it wasn’t there either.

Only DH and I are here, no kids and he can’t stand lemon squash. Oh, and the glass is missing as well. I have a set of six large half litre plastic glasses in different colours- I normally use the yellow one and it’s missing.

I think I’m going mad

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