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DAO v City/Highgate

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Upcreeknopaddle Sun 14-Feb-21 18:27:06

So against expectations DS has a selective place at DAO and offers to Highgate/City. I had totally made up my mind to go to DAO - after many sleepless nights. The fees are a struggle (they’re saved but should really be for other stuff) and also DS really liked DAO for the brief time he was there on exam days. Now that it actually comes close to making final decision I’m having an attack of nerves. Partly I think because I was so thrilled to save the money snd feel kind of guilty. Also some friends go sort of quiet when I say what I’ve decided then mention how much ‘easier’ the privates make things. I’ve always tended to suffer instant regret/anxiety problems after any major life decision from my own uni choices to house buying. It feels like the crisis is building for no logical reason. Anyone else gone through this and has perspective?

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itssquidstella Sun 14-Feb-21 18:42:20

What's the commute like to each school?

Upcreeknopaddle Sun 14-Feb-21 18:48:43

It’s ok but not perfect to all of them, DAO longest (maybe 45 minutes including walk) but arguably most sociable - we’re close to a station on direct line to DAO and he’d be travelling with lots of others. Bus to City, maybe 30 minutes, same to Highgate. DAO geographically much further.

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