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Character mix up thread - Billy Elliot's dad and Mr Tumnus are up to No Good

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WantChewbaccaForGood Sun 14-Feb-21 16:44:05

I can't think of a non clunky explanation!

What I mean is that Gary Lewis played Billy Elliot's dad, and James McEvoy played Mr Tumnus.

James McEvoy plays Lord Asriel in His Dark Materials, and Gary Lewis is his assistant, and they have a nefarious plan.

What other character mix ups sound funny?

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WantChewbaccaForGood Sun 14-Feb-21 16:47:33

Kate Connor and Star-Lord work at a dinosaur park

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WantChewbaccaForGood Tue 16-Feb-21 11:29:51

Hannibal Lector makes an excellent butler.

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Matildatoldsuchdreadfullies Tue 16-Feb-21 11:37:41

Not entirely the same, but my DDs love New Amsterdam, and keep waiting on David Tennant to make an appearance as The Doctor, to help Martha.

GailLondon Tue 16-Feb-21 11:40:03

The Undoing - two people who hate Paddington bear got married!

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