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Do you have any random good luck stories?

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SunsetBeetch Sun 14-Feb-21 14:02:03

Have you any stories of getting some good luck out of the blue, when you really need it?

One of mine: my brother and I were driving to visit my mum and dad in the (not actually that heavy) snow. As we went up a little slope, we slipped and swerved off the road.

Luckily, we hit a wooden bench in front of the dry stone wall instead of the wall itself.

Luckily, there were other people on the road who stopped to help.

Luckiest of all, a minibus full of scouts was coming the other way. They had some tow ropes with them, and were able to tow us back onto the road.

We got away with only a small scratch to my brother's car.

Another one:

Going to work one morning on the bus in the middle of a horrible, windy storm. Had to stop as a tree had fallen across the road. The man in the land-rover behind was only a farmer who only happened to have a chainsaw with him! He cut up the tree, a group of men were then able to love the bits off the road and we were then on our way.

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MargaretThursday Sun 14-Feb-21 14:23:44

Very long series of good luck on one day.

I was taking ds to an airshow event. We'd been many times before, never had issues getting in or tickets, so didn't worry about getting tickets early. Didn't realise that for some reason this specific day had suddenly jumped in popularity.

About 5 miles away we hit a queue. Didn't realise, but this queue went all the way to the gate.
We'd gone about a mile in the queue, it was hot and I had the windows open. Saw a chap having a drink having stopped his bike, and asked him if there were roadworks ahead. He told me no, it went all the way, but if I took the next right and follow the road round, it'd skip most of the queue.
Figuring out I had nothing to lose, I did that, and came out about 1 mile from the entrance in a very short time.

When we arrived the field was heaving. The queues (about 3 of them) to buy tickets was all the way to the bottom and part way back again. I promptly assessed it as there was no way we'd get tickets before it was full and suggested to ds that we had our lunch near the fence and watched the planes and then went home.
Amazingly he (being about 5yo at the time and really looking forward to this) agreed, so we stood by the fence, eating our lunch and watching.

At this point someone came up and asked if we were paying entry by card, which I was if we got in. So he said "follow me with the others."
Turned out one of the card machines had broken and he was taking a crowd of people who were waiting to pay, and for some reason he thought we should join them.

We were taken to the front of one of the queues to pay and the family at the front started making a fuss "how dare you let them jump the queue etc." Chap tried to explain that it wasn't jumping the queue, but they were getting louder. So he said "for goodness sake, you lot, come with me!"

He then took us to the entrance and waved us through for free.

At that moment as we walked through they announced the event was full and they were closing the gates to everyone else.

So I missed most of the queue, didn't queue for tickets, got in for free!

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