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What is the age gap between you and your partner?

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FioreFiore Sun 14-Feb-21 13:07:52

Had a conversation with a friend about how age gaps seem far more rare these days, compared to in the past. People mainly seem to be marrying people within a couple of years of their age. Purely anecdotal. Just made me curious!

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AnneLovesGilbert Sun 14-Feb-21 13:08:21

8 years

namechange202086 Sun 14-Feb-21 13:09:23

2 years

Finfintytint Sun 14-Feb-21 13:09:23

7 months.

hugocat Sun 14-Feb-21 13:09:51

10 years

LittleRa Sun 14-Feb-21 13:10:09

I’m 8 years older than him

Merename Sun 14-Feb-21 13:10:20

3 years.

Stompythedinosaur Sun 14-Feb-21 13:11:03

Year and a half.

While I have no issue with consenting adults doing what they like, I've always wanted a partner reasonably close in age so we can go through the stages of life together.

GintyMcGinty Sun 14-Feb-21 13:11:48

7 months

JustCallMeBrittany Sun 14-Feb-21 13:12:06

4 days 😊

IRememberSoIDo Sun 14-Feb-21 13:12:10

Two weeks to the day 😂

Fucket Sun 14-Feb-21 13:12:19


pumpkinpie01 Sun 14-Feb-21 13:14:25

I'm 6 years older

ZackaryQuack Sun 14-Feb-21 13:14:36

2 months and 10 days.

Megan2018 Sun 14-Feb-21 13:14:56

Almost 5 years (DH older than me)

ladygindiva Sun 14-Feb-21 13:15:32

About 8 weeks, he's older I love the 8 weeks he's a year older than me, I rip the piss relentlessly 😂

amusedbush Sun 14-Feb-21 13:15:42


Two weeks to the day 😂

Same here! He’s two weeks older.

Barbadosgirl Sun 14-Feb-21 13:15:45

My husband is 12 years older than me.

JadziaSnax Sun 14-Feb-21 13:16:30

10 years

CoronaIsWatching Sun 14-Feb-21 13:16:39

DP is 7 years..younger! grin

ellabluebella Sun 14-Feb-21 13:17:07

I'm 10 years older than DH

amusedbush Sun 14-Feb-21 13:17:44

What’s funny is DH and I got married at 25. My brother is also the same age as his fiancée and they are getting married this year at 25.

Apparently it’s a good age for a wedding in our family grin

hassletassle Sun 14-Feb-21 13:17:44

DH is 15y older.

minchinfin Sun 14-Feb-21 13:18:05

3 months. I was always more comfortable with same age/same life stage.

KEG05 Sun 14-Feb-21 13:19:35

Dp is 7 years older than me

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