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Boy or girls???

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Darlier Sun 14-Feb-21 00:49:21

I’ve got myself convinced boy from skull shape!!

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WineInTheWillows Sun 14-Feb-21 00:50:18

Skull theory has been proven totally inaccurate. There's no connection at all between skull shape and sex.

WineInTheWillows Sun 14-Feb-21 00:51:02

I'm going to guess girl.

Lastbonestanding Sun 14-Feb-21 00:51:21

No idea but get the feeling it is a girl, the face seems feminine.

WorraLiberty Sun 14-Feb-21 00:51:47

Is it just me who can see a face on the side of the skull?

Creepy! shock

Darlier Sun 14-Feb-21 00:55:29

Can I ask what makes you guess girl?

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