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Is anyone else totally fed up with walking?

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NCTDN Sat 13-Feb-21 15:15:30

Lighthearted question, I'm very lucky because I live in a lovely area with lots of countryside walks. However, despite this I'm fed up with walking. What shall we do today? Ooh let's go for a walk. Any plans for tomorrow? How about a walk. It's different routes but I am just sooo bored of them!

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LaPoesieEstDansLaRue Sat 13-Feb-21 15:19:39

Yes, completely!

ForeverInADay Sat 13-Feb-21 15:21:28


I'm also fed up trying to make yet another walk sound somehow exciting and different to the kids. I try but inside I'm thinking 'I don't want to walk AGAIN either'!

Fairydustrust Sat 13-Feb-21 15:22:02

That's why just about everybody is getting a dog! Bit worrying, if you ask me.

RagzReturnsRebooted Sat 13-Feb-21 15:23:17

Yes, so much so that I just don't bother any more. Which is bad. I miss swimming!

WonkyCactus Sat 13-Feb-21 15:24:17

Yes! I long for the day I can walk TO somewhere (other than the supermarket) rather than walking for the sake of it.

madroid Sat 13-Feb-21 15:24:27

Oh me too. Just been down to the beach in the snow and the wind was so strong and horizontal I struggled to stay upright. So that livened my walk up shock

But I feel like I know every bloody blade of grass in the local park.

SugarbabyMilly Sat 13-Feb-21 15:24:43

Yes! 100%

Happyasahedgehog Sat 13-Feb-21 15:27:10


Oh me too. Just been down to the beach in the snow and the wind was so strong and horizontal I struggled to stay upright. So that livened my walk up shock

But I feel like I know every bloody blade of grass in the local park.

I would love to be able to walk on a beach right now! Pavement pounding miles from the sea.....

QueenofBrickdon Sat 13-Feb-21 15:31:12

I was like that but since I've been stuck in with COVID this week i'm desperate to get out and walk!
It's really annoying me that I have to pay someone to walk the dog when I'd love to be doing it, gah!

I'm fine by the way, I've had worse colds!

Bedforme Sat 13-Feb-21 15:31:22

Yes although having not been able to go out all for a few days due to ice and snow I’m missing it a very little.

I so miss a walk including a purpose - to the shops/commute to work/stop at a cafe. I need my proper exercise to be swimming or the gym.

Foghead Sat 13-Feb-21 15:32:16

It’s not the walking I mind, it’s all the mud.

NCTDN Sat 13-Feb-21 15:33:27

I'm glad it's not just me! Walking with a purpose seems so unreal these days. I too know every inch of every footpath and bridleway around here.

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Foxyloxy1plus1 Sat 13-Feb-21 15:34:12

Come out of the house, turn left and walk round that way, or come out of the house, turn right and walk round that way.

NCTDN Sat 13-Feb-21 15:34:24

It's been so cold here for the last few days at least we no longer have mud. Instead it's frozen paths and ice.

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CaffeineInfusion Sat 13-Feb-21 15:35:13

I find the best time to go out is as people start putting their lights on. I get to have a good look inside different houses every tine😁😁

I'm sure if people minded they'd close their curtains🤣

NCTDN Sat 13-Feb-21 15:35:51

I agree @CaffeineInfusion but what do you do with the rest of the day?!

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dementedma Sat 13-Feb-21 15:37:27

Yes. Going for " a nice walk" is the solution to everything apparently. Its fecking boring!!

InsaneLockdowner Sat 13-Feb-21 15:38:16

How on earth are you still finding new routes. Are you allowed to drive for exercise?? I'm in Wales and lost touch with what's allowed or not elsewhere in the UK but our exercise has to start and end at home.
This means we'd exhausted all local routes by New Year. I now walk farther and farther but even on my 15 mikers the first 4 miles are the same familiar shite.
And yes I'm bored with walking.
I'm looking forward to swimming again.

BoKatan Sat 13-Feb-21 15:38:22

YANBU. Before Covid I hiked miles over fells and even I'm fed up. The weather is crap and there is nothing else to do.

StevieNicksIsMySpiritAnimal Sat 13-Feb-21 15:39:06

No, I love to walk! I don't have the hassle of coercing kids out though as my teen DC just refuses to be seen with me. They just pop a VitD pill instead 😁

Avaganda Sat 13-Feb-21 15:39:54

Yes sick of it! We went out earlier and it started to hail which was so painful. The DCs were crying and begging to go home so we turned around. More board games and screens for us this afternoon hmm

greenlynx Sat 13-Feb-21 15:43:29

I love walking but I love walking somewhere with a purpose. Atm it’s just walking for some time and then walking back. Also it’s so freezing cold that my hands are aching. And it’s a bit boring - the same routes every day since last March basically.
The good thing is that DD is not complaining she’s tired of screen very quickly (vision problems) so walks help her to relax. She’s treating it like taking medicine: not the nicest option but necessary.

Lifeinaonesie Sat 13-Feb-21 15:45:17

Yes and have an 18 month old so it's tedious and usually ends in tears and me having to wrestle a muddy and cold child back into a pram and people staring all the way home as he shrieks away.

Although we've not been able to get out for a week because of the ice so the DC are bouncing off the walls and despararely need a walk really.

Lottieskeeper Sat 13-Feb-21 15:46:39

It's really come to something when a 4.5 mile walk with a friend in hail and icy wind is the absolute highlight of my week.
I'm absolutely fed up of it but otherwise I would only see my DH and DC all week and I've really had enough of them.

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