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What's your favourite meal of the day?

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Chocolatecake29 Sat 13-Feb-21 13:08:30

Mine is breakfast, hands down. I go to bed looking forward to waking up for a delicious breakfast.
My main ones are:
Eggs (in all forms) and toast, sometimes bacon at the weekend.
Porridge with banana or berries, nuts and honey
Yoghurt with honey and fruit (moreso in the summer)
Croissants or pain au chocolate
Toast with really nice jams or marmalade

Lunch is probably my least favourite meal. After sorting the kids, I usually just have some soup or sandwich. Lunch is very much just 'fuel' for me, to rtide me over until main meal at dinner.

Because I'm bored and nosy, what's your favourite meal of the day or what to you usually have?

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Carycy Sat 13-Feb-21 13:33:41

Breakfast when am on holiday. Lunch at the weekend. Dinner mid week!

TheDuchessofDukeStreet Sat 13-Feb-21 13:34:32

I don’t have it regularly but afternoon tea is my favourite. I tend to have it for lunch as I do like my dinner in the evening!

Xerochrysum Sat 13-Feb-21 13:41:48

Lunch. Definitely. Breakfast is too early. Dinner I normally cook what others want. But lunch, I just cook what I want for myself, normally some sort of salad with lots of things I like, like blue cheese/black pudding/nuts.

AtleastitsnotMonday Sat 13-Feb-21 13:43:14

I like Saturday lunch. Leisurely, can spend time making something delicious. I rarely have breakfast so am hungry. And plenty of time to digest it.

Gotheeunicorns Sat 13-Feb-21 13:46:38

Breakfast although I don't have it that often. I love hot buttered toast with marmalade and a mug of good coffee. Next favourite is lunch. I would much rather eat a main meal at lunch. By dinner time I can never be bothered and I'd happily pick or not have anything.

doughnutcraver Sat 13-Feb-21 13:48:17

I love a Sunday dinner of roast chicken, beef or lamb with all the trimmings.
I also love a dinner of pizza with side dish of salad, olives, mozzarella and hummus

RogueV Sat 13-Feb-21 13:49:26

Evening meal

NuniaBeeswax Sat 13-Feb-21 13:51:56

All of them lol

WhatAreWordsWorth Sat 13-Feb-21 13:53:54

I hate breakfast and lunch. I’ve never liked either of them, even as a child. I find them a ‘chore’ in my day, if that makes sense.

I always look forward to tea.

StellaOlivetti Sat 13-Feb-21 13:56:18

I don’t usually have breakfast, so when I do it’s a real treat. Eggs, smoked salmon, avocados, proper coffee. Definitely my favourite meal.

bluechameleon Sat 13-Feb-21 13:57:14

Of the ordinary meals, dinner because I tend to have fairly dull predictable breakfasts and lunches on work days. But afternoon tea is hands down the best meal - when else do you get to have several flavours of cake in one go? And it is so pretty.

MrsDThomas Sat 13-Feb-21 17:39:33

Breakfast. I love getting up about 6am. Cafetière, toast/porridge/hot cross buns or whatever takes my fancy.

And Netflix on the weekend till everyone surfaces about 10.

In the summer i love sitting out eating breakfast listening to the birds and sheep. And if i wake really early like 4am ill go for a walk to watch the sunrise. I love mornings!

Florelai Sat 13-Feb-21 17:42:55

Same as you OP

Love breakfast - all the best foods!

Never know what to do with lunch

AlwaysLatte Sat 13-Feb-21 17:58:44

Supper because it's the one guaranteed time we all come together as a family. Breakfast is on the hoof unless we have pancakes or waffles, lunch is usually wolfed down as an inconvenient hiatus. But in the evenings we can at least all get together (then often watch a film afterwards)

35andThriving Sun 14-Feb-21 22:13:08

My favourite is the evening meal. Breakfast is my least favourite.

Bloodybridget Sun 14-Feb-21 22:19:21

I love breakfast because it's so quick and easy, I just see to myself, in fact DP is usually in bed for an hour longer. Radio, newspaper, phone.

4LeafClover21 Sun 14-Feb-21 22:30:02

The one I don't have to cook

Bilgepumper Sun 14-Feb-21 22:32:07

Dinner, definitely. I’ve never been a fan of breakfast, I only eat it because I know it’s good for me.

RubyFakeLips Sun 14-Feb-21 22:38:34

Dinner- the variety! Sometimes on holidays I quite enjoy lunch but I think in the scenario of a warm day by the sea with a gorgeous wine it’s hard not to enjoy anything!

Loathe breakfast. Breakfast foods are the worst. Lunch is generally meh.

Trend for Brunch gets right on my tits. Will only go somewhere they also serve other foods as no I don’t want a eggs five ways and fuck off with your £30 bowl of granola.

ABitOfAShitShow Sun 14-Feb-21 22:44:45

Breakfast! No competition. Or brunch (but it has to be breakfast food)! smile

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