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Anyone else got into flightradar24 over lockdown?

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SomewhereUpMyArse Sat 13-Feb-21 08:15:14

I think I've found the Bolivian President's aircraft!

I never even heard of this site prior to lockdown but after noticing really loud aircraft overhead always on the same day and time I googled to see what was happening and found it.

Now I can while away far too many happy hours looking at planes all over the place, imagining who's in them and what they're up to.

Please tell me I'm not alone!

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CeefBurry Sat 13-Feb-21 08:18:03

Love flight radar

Not always accurate though

My DH was flying after Christmas. His plane disappeared and I was absolutely freaked out beyond words.

I love to plane spot ( ex cabin crew as well) but not as avidly as I used to.

SomewhereUpMyArse Sat 13-Feb-21 08:22:30

Omg that must have been terrifying!

I have seen them "disappear" off the map and then reappear though - guess it's to do with how they're tracked?

Not had it happen to a plane with someone I know in it though!

I reckon the Bolivian President is on his way to Medellin. He's headed in that direction.

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Lovemusic33 Sat 13-Feb-21 08:23:07

I have become adicted too, tue kids think I'm crazy when I rush to my ipad every time I hear a aircraft. I often follow the fighter jets flying over Anglesey and cornwall/Devon 🤣. We have a lot of army activity here, mainly helicopters but they are often not showing on the app. Also I watch whats going in and out of the airports.

Lovemusic33 Sat 13-Feb-21 08:24:00

Oh....I also follow the air ambulance. Im really sad 🤣🤣

SomewhereUpMyArse Sat 13-Feb-21 08:33:53

Apparently if you get the premium version you can see all the military ones too. Just saying.

The Bolivian President is moving across Colombia and not stopping at Medellin. He started in Buenos Aires! That's one hell of a flight!

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JustZooming Sat 13-Feb-21 08:34:13

I like to look at it at times and I’m in Australia. Early last year when NZ and Australia went into lockdown there wasn’t a single flight on radar in NZ from time to time, super weird. And I was looking at Morocco too back then as we had planned a trip to Morocco last Easter and when they shut borders flights in and out were practically non existent too. It was interesting the way some countries didn’t seem to change though.

whatswithtodaytoday Sat 13-Feb-21 08:35:44

I love it 😁 It's great at the moment as there are fewer flights, so you can easily see what's what. In early lockdown we only saw 2 or 3 a day!

cherryolives Sat 13-Feb-21 08:48:33


Love flight radar

Not always accurate though

My DH was flying after Christmas. His plane disappeared and I was absolutely freaked out beyond words.

I love to plane spot ( ex cabin crew as well) but not as avidly as I used to.

That happened with my DS's plane when he was doing his first long flight without me.

londongirl12 Sat 13-Feb-21 08:53:28

This one freaks me out, so many ships!!!! 😳

cherryolives Sat 13-Feb-21 08:56:27

There's still not much in NZ

firesidetartan Sat 13-Feb-21 09:08:56

It is 10pm in NZ though.

Skinnytailedsquirrel Sat 13-Feb-21 09:09:15

I find myself waving at aeroplanes going overhead now, just like I did when I was a child. Fantastic having such a quiet sky (we live near a flightpath)

SomewhereUpMyArse Sat 13-Feb-21 09:22:41

So happy that other people do this!

I don't think this is the Bolivian President after all. He's headed out over the Caribbean, probably going to Miami, so it's just a dodgy guy in a high fast plane.

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cherryolives Sat 13-Feb-21 09:26:52


It is 10pm in NZ though.

I thought flights left and went overnight on the long haul routes ?

firesidetartan Sat 13-Feb-21 09:33:41

You would need to look at the arrival/departures, long haul flights have already departed, still due to depart or inbound from destinations - none of which will show on a screen shot above NZ itself.

midnightstar66 Sat 13-Feb-21 09:42:04

I love flight radar - pre covid dc and I used to sit in a restaurant looking over the ship port and watch the planes coming in to land while waiting for our meals. We could see what was coming on flight radar and where from and predict what moment we'd actually be able to see the plane from the window.

rslsys Sat 13-Feb-21 09:59:06

There's a boat version too

SomewhereUpMyArse Sat 13-Feb-21 10:08:35

@midnightstar66 that sounds awesome!

@rslsys gawd, don't let me get into another one!

Our guy from Buenos Aires is now landing in Jamaica. Guess it's drugs/war criminal then? Big private jet going fast at 45000 feet throughout.

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ShaunaTheSheep Sat 13-Feb-21 10:19:42

I’m near a major airport and can see planes from my home office window. I used FR a lot last summer when there were barely any planes going over.

Couple of years ago my DC were on separate transatlantic flights and I watched them follow each other home through the night smile

firesidetartan Sat 13-Feb-21 10:20:50

Any details of the aircraft? I can't find anything!

Big private jet going fast at 45000 feet throughout.

Sounds dramatic but it's standard for a lot of the private jets.

tommika Sat 13-Feb-21 10:28:06

Flightradar slightly backfired on me for a secret valentines weekend.

Whilst on the way she commented on a plane passing by that she always wonders where they are going. I told her to get my phone out and open flightradar.
I thought that I had just had a brilliant idea to keep her distracted for long enough to miss the road signs and keep the surprise for as long as possible.

Once we arrived at the hotel, got to our room, ignoring the basket of champagne, chocolates etc that I had previously dropped off she looked out at the sea view ..... “Is there a tracker for ships as well?” .....

2021mumma Sat 13-Feb-21 10:32:43

Yes I have and was getting so frustrated seeing passenger planes coming in from China, US etc thinking this virus is never going to stop unless we close our borders

MerlinsSaggyLeftTit Sat 13-Feb-21 10:36:23

Yes! During first lockdown there was such a dip in the amount of planes that when the kids saw or heard one it was great excitement. It's usually the local air ambulance.

“Is there a tracker for ships as well?"
This made me giggle @tommika goes off to Google ship tracker

Snooks1971 Sat 13-Feb-21 10:40:59

I love watching this

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