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If there was only one instruction you could leave to others, on your death , what would it be ?

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whatsnewpussycat777 Fri 12-Feb-21 22:12:06

Such a deep question for a Friday night 😃

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Snowymcsnowsony Fri 12-Feb-21 22:13:19

To love my ddogs!! I have made dd promise to sneak the smallest one into hospital should I end up in one!!

Nanuki Fri 12-Feb-21 22:14:05

Be loved as much as I was loved.

BonnesVacances Fri 12-Feb-21 22:15:08

DH is under instructions to tell my extended family they are all fuckers that treated me like shit.

stayathomer Fri 12-Feb-21 22:16:48

Everyone make sure to look out for each other no matter what

Theimpossiblegirl Fri 12-Feb-21 22:17:00

To my girls, be there for each other.
I'm honestly so glad they have really bonded this last year. They're late teens so if I went now, I know they'd get through it together.

Apileofballyhoo Fri 12-Feb-21 22:17:06

Give all the love you can to my DS.

MoiraNotRuby Fri 12-Feb-21 22:17:08

Aside from obvious things that people generally do anyway (try your best, be kind etc) - I'd like everyone who misses me, and can donate blood but hasn't got round to it, to do that in my memory.

OohKittens Fri 12-Feb-21 22:17:46

Everyone is to sing remember you're a womble at my funeral.

N4ish Fri 12-Feb-21 22:18:07

This might sound morbid but my instruction would be that I don’t want an open casket, closed coffin only.

Oversize Fri 12-Feb-21 22:18:36

Stick together and remember that your father is a pathological liar who treated you like shit. He won't change.

Timeforabiscuit Fri 12-Feb-21 22:18:50

Please no shit funeral in a conveyor belt crematorium, with a twenty minute service where your shuffled out as the next funeral party are shuffled in.

sadpapercourtesan Fri 12-Feb-21 22:19:30

Don't let my mother anywhere near my kids.

Pushmepullyou Fri 12-Feb-21 22:20:44

I was going to say play bring me sunshine at my funeral. But now I’m tempted to change to remember you’re a Womble!

dotcombubble Fri 12-Feb-21 22:22:22

Call an undertaker ?

TheSockMonster Fri 12-Feb-21 22:23:42

For them to know how much I loved them and how happy they made me, and for them to be there for each other.

And a final reminder of the passcode to the safe for DH grin

OohKittens Fri 12-Feb-21 22:25:12

@Pushmepullyou I've told everyone my request for remember you're a womble since I was about 12 (I'm now 36). It is such a great song

Uncurtailed Fri 12-Feb-21 22:27:07

Delete the internet history lol

ChampagneCommunist Fri 12-Feb-21 22:28:30

Do not sell my yarn at the same price I told you I paid for it.

Dora26 Fri 12-Feb-21 22:28:59

Party party party ( and I will leave enough to start in style - I want EVERYONE to remember the hangover they had after Doras funeral!)

dottiedaisee Fri 12-Feb-21 22:29:22

Make sure the dogs water bowl isn’t dry !

LadyDanburysCane Fri 12-Feb-21 22:30:13

Funeral to be cheap as possible. Don’t waste money on my empty shell. Live your lives to the fullest and remember me with smiles not tears.

Ethelswith Fri 12-Feb-21 22:30:28

Don't chuck my stuff away without checking all the pockets or riffling through all the pages. I have stuff stashed everywhere

Justmuddlingalong Fri 12-Feb-21 22:31:41

Don't open the little pink case beside my bed. Just bin it.

colouringindoors Fri 12-Feb-21 22:32:27

Love my kids and remember that their dad, despite what he may say is a fucking emotionally disabled, lacking in good judgement dickhead who talks the talk, but that's it.

Thank you.

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