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Moving to Bristol

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Theythinkitsalloveritisnow Fri 12-Feb-21 20:12:16

Hoping there are some Bristolians on here tonight! We're moving down to Bristol in the spring, having been lucky enough to get a job promotion there. I know Bristol is very expensive for property and we don't have a long list of requirements, what we would really like is an area which is quietish( young families rather than studenty), a park, decent schools and maybe a few nice cafes. We have max of £300k so...please help so we don't end up somewhere awful!

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Theythinkitsalloveritisnow Fri 12-Feb-21 20:18:37

Sorry- also, we need 3 bedrooms

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TracyMed Wed 17-Feb-21 00:47:00

Hey OP. I cant help. Been offered a job in Bristol and hoping to get advice too! Xx

LampsOn Sun 28-Feb-21 19:56:19

Bristol is pretty expensive I'm afraid. For £300k you're either looking at a flat or small house (2 bed) house in a 'nicer' area or somewhere up and coming.
For that amount, have a look at at George, Easton, fishponds, Bedminster, totterdown. Although I think even in these areas it might be hard to find somewhere for £300k. Perhaps you will need to also consider filton or knowle (village). I personally think they're great areas, but Bristol isn't perfect and make sure you visit the areas properly to see if they suit you. It's a big city and each area is very different to the next so it's hard to know what to recommend without knowing what's important to you. Do you prefer posher things, are you drawn to bristol's hippy side? Would you prefer a more urban area?

Howmanysyllabasisthat Sun 28-Feb-21 20:00:42

£300K? You will struggle to find a 3 bed house for that. Can you increase your options?

Do you have secondary school age children? Some of the Bristol schools are brilliant and some are awful. Clevedon for £300K has outstanding school or Backwell.

Howmanysyllabasisthat Sun 28-Feb-21 20:01:28

I meant you can buy for £300 K in clevedon. Sutton is doable and get the kids into Backwell.

LampsOn Sun 28-Feb-21 20:06:00

That's a good point. Might be worth looking outside Bristol too. Clevedon is lovely. Try also looking at Thornbury, portishead (but beware the traffic) and winterbourne

goose1964 Sun 28-Feb-21 20:06:13

We live about 10 miles south of Bristol and you'd get a nice house here for that budget. The schools are pretty good too. Beware Portishead as there's only one way out and it's a nightmare during the rush hour. Someone above mentioned Backwell but it's expensive too. I'd suggest Nailsea or Hatton to the south, both have easy connections to Bristol.

TerrifiedandWorried Sun 28-Feb-21 20:11:41 I would live here

MoMuntervary Sun 28-Feb-21 20:14:11

I live in Bristol and it's great but I wouldn't be able to afford to buy here these days! It would help to know whether one of the commuter towns would work for you or if you want to be in Bristol itself? Are you after primary or secondary schools or both? Are you regular church goers as there is a CofE secondary that's very popular.

TerrifiedandWorried Sun 28-Feb-21 20:25:06
This is on the same road as a good secondary school (Fairfield High school), 15 minute walk to another (Trinity Academy). 5 minutes walk into St. Werburgh's as mentioned in the Guardian last week - hippy, alternative lovely area Lots of green space. Hideous house though and not sure I would want to live right by a secondary school. 2 great primaries within 15 minutes walk (Glenfrome, St Werburgh's)

TerrifiedandWorried Sun 28-Feb-21 20:30:19

MonkeysandParrots Mon 01-Mar-21 21:29:22

I’ve got selection for you, 3 different areas which all give you what you need. Personally the third option is my favourite but only because I grew up around there smile

tired17 Mon 01-Mar-21 21:46:55

Have you thought about a bit further out - South Gloucestershire?

jennymac31 Mon 01-Mar-21 21:49:07

OP - Will you be commuting to the city centre for your new job? It might be worth looking at the outskirts of Bristol.

Also will any of your children be starting secondary school soon? Schools can be a bit hit-and-miss in Bristol.

MrsMoastyToasty Mon 01-Mar-21 21:55:57

Whereabouts in the city will you be working? It can make all the difference to where you concentrate your search.

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