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Compliance call DWP

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Eastview1 Fri 12-Feb-21 20:06:18


Today I received a phone call from a ‘compliance manager’ from the DWP asking me a series of questions, she sounded really abrupt and kept asking about myself, my ex partner etc.

She said ‘we can see your partner moved in February 2019’ which isn’t correct, at all. Yet insisted he lived with me when he doesn’t.

I have severe anxiety anyway but I just can’t stop thinking about this call.

Who was she?
What is a compliance manager?
I haven’t done anything wrong, no change in my circumstances yet I’m sat here feeling like I’m in the wrong for something and I don’t even know what?

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LIZS Fri 12-Feb-21 20:09:24

They check for any anomalies in the information submitted for your claim in case of inaccurate claims and payments. Be prepared to produce evidence to ensure what you previously told them was correct.

Babyroobs Fri 12-Feb-21 20:11:16

maybe someone has reported you, does he still visit etc ? You may need to prove he lives elsewhere. Is he definitely not still on any joint bills or have his car insurance or anything registered at your address.

Eastview1 Fri 12-Feb-21 20:22:18

I can provide evidence, so that’s not a worry.

He had post in the past registered here when he was inbetween moving from one rental (with a droend) to another (alone) he did have car ins registered here once due to that reason.

Why do I feel like police will arrest me? 🤷‍♀️ He doesn’t live here, never has. Just had some stuff sent here as things turned bad with the friend

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