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Child reaching 16

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pinkkoala Fri 12-Feb-21 11:44:51

Morning, i am a bit confused my dd was 16 in dec, her dad pays me child maintenance now does he continue to pay as she is going to college in sept to do level 2 btec or nvq also do i still qualify for child benefit.
I am not sure what happens.
Thankyou for helping me if you can

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notapizzaeater Fri 12-Feb-21 11:48:58

Yes you qualify for child benefit whilst child is in full time education. Likewise CMS

pinkkoala Fri 12-Feb-21 11:54:20

I was just checking as trying to sort things out early and my exh will do whatever he can to stop paying so i need to be clear in my mind

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pinkkoala Fri 12-Feb-21 21:24:33


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AnneLovesGilbert Fri 12-Feb-21 21:34:10

ArseInTheCoOpWindow Fri 12-Feb-21 21:35:42

He has to support her until 18. You can go to court and get further support for uni l think.

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