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Joe Wickes Bodycoach

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DanceWithYourBalloon Tue 09-Mar-21 11:07:12

I've just started the 30 Day Kick Start plan and the food is good.

PoptartPoptart Sun 14-Feb-21 18:37:51


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cameocat Sun 14-Feb-21 13:50:39

@PoptartPoptart yes you'd need a bit heavier than that but would be ok in the first week of second phase (depending on current strength).

amusedbush Sun 14-Feb-21 13:23:14

My friend did it and she sent me her plan because I was curious (the amounts are tailored to your age, weight, height etc so I couldn’t have followed her specific plan) and it seemed like a lot of faff. Plus very expensive to buy the quantities of meats and extra ingredients, especially if you are making those meals for yourself plus different food for others in your household.

PoptartPoptart Sun 14-Feb-21 13:15:15

@cameocat sorry one more question!
What weights would I need for the exercise in the second phase?
I have 0.5kg and 1kg dumbbells - do I need heavier ones?

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cameocat Sat 13-Feb-21 18:23:38

The food is good and because you have a book of recipes you can choose what suits you. BUT I struggled because if DH helped himself he tended to mess with the quantities so I didn't always want to share. I have two younger children who are fussy. A veggie teen and an older vegan, food is hard enough in our house (had some help from vegan though but even with this I struggled). Also you're supposed to eat within two hours of workout which seems easy enough but the best time to workout for me was when I got in from work (about 4.30pm), but I often then had errands (taxi mum) and struggled again. Also the workouts are relatively high impact so I got injured (I suffer from a bad back anyway).

I found fast 800 food much easier, you don't get fitness level (but can add your own) but found it a much more sustainable and relaxed / stress free and I lost and easily kept off a stone in a month.

That said Joe wicks really does work as long as it fits your lifestyle so I am not knocking it. It's all about working out how much spare time you have which in lockdown might be ok! Also you do eat a lot so expect food bills to go up (they went down with fast 800!)

PoptartPoptart Sat 13-Feb-21 18:10:51

Thanks everyone else too for your advice

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PoptartPoptart Sat 13-Feb-21 18:10:21

@cameocat that’s my worry, I’ll still have DS (15) to feed and DH, although he will maybe do it with me.

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cameocat Sat 13-Feb-21 10:07:19

Yes I did it and it did work but.,..

The food is so prescriptive (amounts) and I found it hard to share with my family and way too much planning and time constraints. If I'd lived on my own it would've been perfect!

Wigglegiggle0520 Sat 13-Feb-21 08:31:13

Yes my DH has. There should be a lot of information on his website about what it entails.

You get the recipes for all your meals and there’s a fair amount of choice. Low carb meals the majority of the time but a carb refuel meal after a workout. Plus 2 snacks a day.

He has changed the exercise since DH did it and they are shorter now. First month is 30 mins of hiit 4/5 times a week I think.

You do a month at a time and submit your measurements each time and then get the next month plan. There is a phase a month, first is to lose fat (shift), then shape and then sustain I think.

DH found it really good and is now paying for the app which does the same thing but is ongoing if you continue paying.

But sketchy on the details but hope that helps a bit.

WhatwouldRuthdo Sat 13-Feb-21 08:26:32

Yes I’ve done it. 3 cycles of 30 days each with different recipes for each cycle. 5 workouts a week of 25-35 mins each. It worked for me in vastly improving my fitness, but you do have to pretty determined to stick to it.

BorisandHarriet Sat 13-Feb-21 08:22:52

I haven’t done it but I definitely found his PE workouts last year helped my fitness alongside running.

PoptartPoptart Sat 13-Feb-21 08:21:26


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PoptartPoptart Fri 12-Feb-21 08:19:21

Has anyone done the Joe Wickes Bodycoach 90 day plan?
What does it involve exactly- recipes and daily workouts I’m guessing - but is there more to it?
Would you recommend?
I need to do something to shift some weight and get fit and I need some sort of plan to follow so I’m just wondering if it’s worth it?

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