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Help with loans fraudulently taken out in relatives name

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Weirdfan Thu 11-Feb-21 23:41:28

I'm trying to help a family member whose (now ex) partner took out multiple loans/credit cards in their name without their knowledge. My relative left as soon as he found out (a couple of months ago) but has been burying his head in the sand and has not done anything about the debts as yet. I need to know his first steps to reporting and whether that should be to the police/the lenders/a credit reference agency/all of the above? He has a load of letters which I've asked him to let me have so I can give more details as we go along (if anyone can help) but I don't know much more at this stage, just looking for a starting point really.

Thanks so much in advance if you can help, he's quite young and naive and doesn't seem to realise the impact this could have on his future if he does nothing so I kind of need to walk him through it I think, trouble is I don't know where to start either.

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BlueTimes Thu 11-Feb-21 23:43:39

I think he needs to get a full credit report to see what credit is actually registered in his name. Then he will need to contact each of the lenders and explain the situation. It is likely to involve the police and it might come down to what he can prove with regards to repaying it all.

Insidelaurashead Thu 11-Feb-21 23:53:10

I work for a credit card company and I log DNAs (did not apply) claims on a daily basis. I then pass them to the fraud team to investigate. So, I can tell you that your relative will need to check his credit file (can do this for free with experian, credit karma and clear score, and different lenders report to each so do check all three) then he needs to log with the police, then he needs to ring each lender and explain the situation. Each will log the claim, each will likely send a deceleration for him to sign to say what's happened (my company would anyway)

He can flag with the credit reference agencies that he didn't apply for the accounts if he wants to but they will just pass them to the relevant lenders and they will then contact your relative to log the claim, so he's best off contacting them directly so he can tick each one off his list. If the lenders find in his favour, they will remove the incorrect accounts from his credit file.

Happy to help with further info as best I can without risking my job (as I quite like payday grin)

Weirdfan Thu 11-Feb-21 23:58:29

Thanks so much, that's exactly the info I needed to get started. I may well be back with more questions but no, please don't do anything to jeopardise payday smile

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