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Omg I need to lose weight right now!

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MrsJBaptiste Thu 11-Feb-21 19:37:39

I put my jeans on every weekend just to make sure they still fit as living in trakkies and leggings doesn't let you know if you've put weight on or not! They also keep getting muddy from all the walking so they're often freshly washed jeans too which are even less forgiving!

HugeAckmansWife Thu 11-Feb-21 19:27:54

I sometimes make myself wear my non stretchy leggings / jeans etc for a day to remind me what's going on. That and weighing myself every morning. I don't panic or rejoice over 1lb up or down but it keeps me focused. It's one day at a time for me. If I say I won't have wine or cheese or whatever for the next 4 months I know I won't succeed so I just say I won't ace any today. And if I win that day, that's a reason to be pleased.

UnwantedGain Thu 11-Feb-21 19:10:10

I wore my jeans today, I could feel they were tight by I just plodded through the day, baggy top trying to desperately hide my expanded muffin top.
About an hour ago, I was in actual pain and discomfort across my waist and lower back area.
I took off those jeans, got back into my trackies and slowly, the pain has eased.
WTH?! Has anyone experienced actual pain from tight jeans?
I know I’ve been eating too much. The thought of dieting right now is depressing but I cant go on like this

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