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What’s Happening In Your House?

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EternalOptimist7 Wed 10-Feb-21 19:04:57

Sorry to post this again but I’m a bit bored in lockdown & love hearing about other people’s lives! Cooking a roast which we’ve been planning to do since Sunday. Leg of pork ( hopefully with crackling), roast potatoes, parsley lemon & thyme stuffing, carrots, petitpois, pork gravy & applesauce yum. Did overtime at work so a bit tired but not as bad as I thought. DD in her room. She got 100% on her maths today & did well with her art work too. DH has made another lovely whole meal loaf. I saw DM & DF at work, which was great as I haven’t seen them in a while & then only through the window. Watching Corrie & Doctors later. Doctors is my guilty pleasure! Need to ring Vodafone as I have an astronomical bill due in early March & have no idea why it’s so high!

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HaveANiceFuckingDay Wed 10-Feb-21 19:15:13

Nothing . DH is downstairs watching his crap , DD is in her room probably on the phone, DS in his room watching telly
I’m in the bedroom watching Rick stein and browsing internet
I’ve been banned from Tattle life for a few days so I’m really bored , I live on that site , ban ends Friday thankfully so gotta behave myself
Had creamy garlic pasta and salmon for dinner

Quornflakegirl Wed 10-Feb-21 19:20:02

Both DC are playing Roblox, DH is working on the laptop and I am batch cooking. I've made 2 trays of lasagne, 2 trays of cottage pie and am now making a lamb curry.

H1978 Wed 10-Feb-21 19:21:48

Dd1 watching marvel and I’m part watching it and part watching YouTube, stuffing my face with Sainsbury’s cheddar and spring onion crisps 😋
Dd2/dd3 in dining room on iPads
Dh working in basement on his latest project.

EternalOptimist7 Wed 10-Feb-21 19:23:40

Quornflakegirl I want to be in your house!

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dementedma Wed 10-Feb-21 19:24:27

Just finished a beef and ale casserole with dumplings, done in the slow cooker. had a nice lavender bath to compensate for all the snow shovelling today!
DH and DS watching footy. DD locked in her room
Me drinking wine and on MN and also playing word feud with my sis in London

LaceyBetty Wed 10-Feb-21 19:26:56

DS10 is playing Minecraft in the kitchen, DD9 is having a shower and DH and I are watching QI. So lame. I have a work call in half an hour.

BrilliantBetty Wed 10-Feb-21 19:27:21

Baby just gone off to sleep.
I've ready my DC a bedtime story, though they are allowed another 20 mins drawing in their room before lights out.

I'm on the sofa thinking about catching up on Eastenders. And messaging my friend who went on a date today, just a walk around a park with a guy she met online. Want to know how it went & if she liked him. She's 31 and looking to settle down but it's not easy.

DH is working in the same room as me, he has a meeting tomorrow with a tricky coworker, I think he wants to impress them & is putting the work in.

TwirpingBird Wed 10-Feb-21 19:30:00

My toddler DD is in bed (ie. Sleeping on the floor because beds are overrated 😆), DH is finishing off the wash up, and I have a sleeping 3 month old on my chest while watching the Durrells. I will get DH to make me a cuppa and bring a brownie in a few mins (my MIL baked today). Today was a good day.

Notanotherthing Wed 10-Feb-21 19:30:22

I've just got back from work. Snowing heavily outside. DS 2 is just about to go up to bed and DH is having a cuddle with him before he goes up. Then we'll have pizza for dinner, tried my hand at making homemade ones yesterday that I put in the freezer so we'll see what those are like. Then I might ignore all the housework that needs doing and put my feet up with some snacks and binge some old episodes of Doctor Who.

TheBakedPototo Wed 10-Feb-21 19:30:29

DS and I are laying down on my bed, he’s really overtired after a day in the snow and gotten himself in a bit of a state about DH being away. Though this is nothing new, he’s been a nightmare at bedtime the last month. Hoping he’ll drop off soon then I can go have the remaining homemade pizza we had for dinner and then do more work ... though I may have a bath instead.

OhCaptain Wed 10-Feb-21 19:30:56

Just finished work. I’m reading on the sofa while all the kids watch Coco. An absolute rarity which I’m enjoying. Ds is 14 and usually only surfaces to be fed.

Dog cuddled into me. Cat on cushion. DH in shower.

I’m blissfully happy right now. A rarity in this shitty time!

nevernotstruggling Wed 10-Feb-21 19:32:26

Dd1 (11) is doing zoom guides on the kitchen. I think she's making a key ring...

Dd2 (8) and I are about to catch up on the masked singer from Saturday as no one else likes it. We are up in my room with the Himalayan salt lamp on.

They had frozen pizza for tea I had a jacket spud and beans. The dog is hiding from the hairdryer as dd2 has just had her hair dried.

Dm keeps texting me about bringing the rabbit indoors due to the cold and snow forecast. Rabbit hates being indoors.

Shinesun14 Wed 10-Feb-21 19:33:18

Dd and DH are washing up. Ds and dss are playing minecraft and I'm led on the sofa after eating tuna and pasta for tea.

foxyknoxy30 Wed 10-Feb-21 19:33:28

I am up in bed reading MN ,DD is out sledging with her pals and DH and DS downstairs watching the Celtic match smile

Prokupatuscrakedatus Wed 10-Feb-21 19:34:01

Dh is back in is study/office working, DD has finished uni work for today and relaxes watching sth, DS does nothing as per usual at the moment and I've finished for today, too.
There is nothing sweet in the house and as there's a curfew on I can't buy anything.

fitflopqueen Wed 10-Feb-21 19:34:24

Son and I are both WFH til 8, he sounds busy, my role is very quiet. Husband has just brought me a mug of tea, we are all DIY dinners tonight so they have both eaten and I will raid the fridge at 8:01pm.
As it is quiet I have Corrie on in background.
Have just ordered some chocs from hotel chocolate.

flappityflippers1 Wed 10-Feb-21 19:34:43

DS1 asleep (he’s 3), I’m now in bed and debating having a bath - 31 weeks pregnant and c section scar is hurting again. DH is now on his weekly PlayStation meet up with his best friend.

Made a gorgeous salmon risotto for dinner. DH has had a day off today so we made cakes with DS this morning then had an afternoon tea and disco together this afternoon.

I’m about to start my own thread as dad was given months to live today and could use some advice on how best to support my lovely parents. Lots going around my head this evening!

mbosnz Wed 10-Feb-21 19:35:21

DH is cooking Sticky Sesame chicken with noodles and Asian greens, one DD is on a call with her mate, t'other one is being all soulful and melancholy, having just finished a lecture on dentistry, I'm sitting here with a glass of wine and Rick Stein's Secret France on TV. And on MN of course. . .

FADHD Wed 10-Feb-21 19:37:02

Sitting thinking I should finish off the couple of hours of work I still have to do today but I know I won’t and will end up doing it on
my days off instead.

Waiting on a pizza cooking and can’t wait to get into bed tbh.

starfish4 Wed 10-Feb-21 19:37:27

I was reading my book until I started messing about on my phone.

DH just had a shower, has walked into room and out tv on - he's not watching though as he's looking at something on his chromebook.

DD doing uni work and going for a walk later with a friend - they like to go late so they can avoid bumping into others who want a chat!

Oldraver Wed 10-Feb-21 19:38:02

OH came home early as we had a leak yesterday and water was coming through the ceiling, so he had to go and get new parts..

Third blummin leak in a year

lucysmam Wed 10-Feb-21 19:42:20

Dd1 has just made a cuppa for everyone.

Dd2's reading Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince, in bed.

Their dad's just been in the shower.

I'm debating whether to pick up my crochet or do...I don't know what. I've been mooching t'interweb for the best part of an hour & am bored now.

bloodywhitecat Wed 10-Feb-21 19:44:28

I am knitting rainbow beanies, I am trying to raise money for AMMF, the only charity in the UK who raise funds for research into cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer) which my DP suffers from.

DP is watching Salvage Hunters while eating an apple, he was malnourished for a good few months before he was diagnosed as the growing tumour meant his pancreas stopped producing the enzymes needed to digest food. Tomorrow is chemo day for him and we are hoping he can get to the hospital, we have snow with more predicted and are forecast temperatures of -8° overnight.

Foster baby is asleep in his cot after a busy day of squealing.

Dear Dog is looking for mischief.

Kroptopbelly Wed 10-Feb-21 19:45:54

Dh doing something with his fish tank.
It smells.
Ds is having a bible bath after finishing his school work.
Other ds is on his game, been at virtual college all day.
I need to get ready for work tomorrow, made the mistake of looking at work emails now absolutely pissed off and dreading going in tomorrow.

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