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How many sausages per person with bangers and mash? Are we a greedy family?

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sadpapercourtesan Wed 10-Feb-21 17:24:28

Bangers and mash for dinner tonight (I'm having soup because I'm trying to lose weight) and I was wondering what a normal portion looks like to other people? DH and my 16 and 18yo sons will eat at least 4 sausages each with a big pile of mash/peas/gravy. They would eat more sausages if there were more available! I remember when I was a child we were given 2 sausages each, but then I remember being very hungry as a child and meals often weren't generous enough (cup a soup and two slices of dry bread as dinner for a 9yo, for example).

So - how many sausages?

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OhMsBeliever Wed 10-Feb-21 17:26:14

We'd eat 4 easily. I'm trying to not have such big portions so have reduced it down to 2. Sometimes we have 3.

bumpdownthestairs Wed 10-Feb-21 17:26:22

My husband will have 3, I have 2, 2 year old has 1. I'm not a big meat eater though. 4 sausages for growing teens sounds about right to me! Wouldn't give them any more though.

LaCerbiatta Wed 10-Feb-21 17:26:35

2 each. Dh and ds may eat 2 and a half or three. Never 4.

Dnadoon Wed 10-Feb-21 17:27:09

2 sausages each under 14 years old 3 sausages each over 14 years old.
Agree we would eat more if we could smile

SunshineNeededNow Wed 10-Feb-21 17:27:25

Dh has 5 sometimes 6, Ds teen has 4. Dd age 3 has 2. I have 4.
And could easily eat more. Love bangers and mash.

Tink1990 Wed 10-Feb-21 17:27:31

Yeah 2 but preferably 3 for me

TheQueef Wed 10-Feb-21 17:27:46

4 and I have 3 to be a martyr.

Tink1990 Wed 10-Feb-21 17:27:53


ThenCatoJumpedOut Wed 10-Feb-21 17:27:56

I have 1 or 2, DS (18) has 2 or 3, DH has 3 or 4

TryingNotToPanicOverCovid Wed 10-Feb-21 17:27:58

2 each. occasionally a half if there's a leftover.

I can't imagine giving 4!!

JayAlfredPrufrock Wed 10-Feb-21 17:28:13


sadpapercourtesan Wed 10-Feb-21 17:28:22

The 4 I think has evolved because we buy packets of 12 sausages and I don't eat them. If I opened a pack of 16 instead and cooked them all, they would fall on the spare sausages like starving wolves grin

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Theimpossiblegirl Wed 10-Feb-21 17:28:22

Depends on the sausages. Big, good quality sausages, 2. Little cheap ones, easily 4.

Livy178 Wed 10-Feb-21 17:28:31

I would have 6 tho it does depend on the sausage . I only eat Richmond sausages .

SunshineNeededNow Wed 10-Feb-21 17:28:33

I also have portion contol issues. I serve way too much. Through fear of them being hungry after.

NuniaBeeswax Wed 10-Feb-21 17:28:44

Four sausages? faints A forkful of potato and a lick of gravy would be enough to see me through the day. This is why we have an obesity crisis, think of the NHS, etc.

sadpapercourtesan Wed 10-Feb-21 17:28:50

They are proper good fat sausages. I don't buy shit meat.

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CatRatSplat Wed 10-Feb-21 17:29:44

Depends on the sausages really cheap "pink" ones are not filling and full of crap. Really good quality ones 2 per adult 1 per littlies (mine are 5/3). So yes I'd say it was far too many per person if getting decent quality (90%+ meat). If cheap ones then if reconsider them.

RubixCubix Wed 10-Feb-21 17:29:48

DD (14) and I would have 2 or 3 sausages each dependant on hunger levels.
DS(13) would have 4 and like you say more if possible.
I often cook extra so there is cold sausages left for sandwiches the next day for lunch.

Moltenpink Wed 10-Feb-21 17:29:59

We had 4 each last night, I served 2 each but everyone went back for more, I think this cold weather makes you want to put a fat layer on 🤷‍♀️

TryingNotToPanicOverCovid Wed 10-Feb-21 17:30:09

We buy a pack of 8 usually for our family of 4. I'm starting to wonder if other people eat more now!

SmallPrawnEnergy Wed 10-Feb-21 17:30:30

2 and we’re both fat! Possibly understand 3 for growing teenagers but really more veg before highly processed high fat meat. That could be well over 50% daily fat intake and 500+ cals. If they’re not overweight then it’s probably not a massive issue.

IToldYouIWasFreaky Wed 10-Feb-21 17:30:30

2 veggie (usually Quorn) sausages each here for me, DP and DS (13) with mash and lots of veg. We could all probably put away more but are used to 2 and it seems enough.

RightOnTheEdge Wed 10-Feb-21 17:30:36

Two each for my dc who are 8 and 10, two or three for me depending on whether they are fat ones or chipolatas.

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