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Do some people just hate work?

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newjobnewproblems Wed 10-Feb-21 14:47:37

Except for maternity leave, I've worked full time or part time (when studying) since I was 16. I'm now 34.

I can honestly say I have hated all the jobs I've done.

First the temp jobs/call centres/supermarket jobs (mostly because they all involved customers getting annoyed with me). And then when I left uni I joined a large organisation on a grad scheme. And I have hated that too. I've tried moving around to different roles and specialisms which I feel are more suited to me but I usually just end up feeling like the grass isn't greener.

Is this just who I am? Do some people just hate work? It's my day off today as I've managed to go down to 4 days a week but I can't enjoy the time, I'm just depressed and miserable worrying about work.

I guess my question is do I just accept I'm the kind of person who will never enjoy work and try and make the best of it. Or is it worth leaving and trying to find something I will enjoy more. In the past my excuse was I was staying for the maternity pay but Idon't think I'm having any more children so no excuses left now...

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Igglepigglepeppaandgeorge Wed 10-Feb-21 14:48:46

Yes I think so. That's why it's called work and not fun surely. Enjoying your job is a capitalist myth.

goodwinter Wed 10-Feb-21 14:50:00


Yes I think so. That's why it's called work and not fun surely. Enjoying your job is a capitalist myth.

Completely agree. Caveat that some people get really lucky and work for passion, but even then there'll be shit parts.

Devlesko Wed 10-Feb-21 14:50:37

I only like working for myself on things that interest me.
I couldn't work for someone else, or making a corporate more money, working for comparitive peanuts.

BrunoMars Wed 10-Feb-21 14:53:17

I could have written the same. There have been elements of my jobs that I have enjoyed but on the most part it’s very stressful and just battle after battle. I have sort of come to accept ‘that’s life’ and I guess I am fortunate that I earn pretty good money. But every morning I get anxiety just turning my computer on & dreading what shit will land on my plate that day. As a single parent it’s not possible to retrain and do something else so I do find it sad that I will never find my ‘calling’ or do something more interesting or for more good. I am desperate to move on...needs must though

Nocares Wed 10-Feb-21 14:53:32

I hear ya OP! Counting down the days till I'm in a position to TTC and then go part time! Thats the dream anyway hahaahhaha

Gliblet Wed 10-Feb-21 14:57:59

Yes. I think you need to be pretty lucky to first have something that you enjoy (quite a bit of which is about your natural inclinations) that can be monetised and can bring in a living, and second to manage to put yourself in the right place at the right time, and at the right stage of your life, to get that job or opportunity.

I do think there's a lot though to thinking about what it is that you actually need your job to give you. Have you ever heard of the PERMA model? The idea with that is that you need certain things in life to feel fulfilled. Positivity, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Achievement.

It means you need something in your life that you feel positive about (not necessarily happy, but optimistic, enthusiastic, willing to learn about). Something in your life that you engage with (something absorbing that you can get lost within). Relationships in your life that support you (might be family members, friends, colleagues). Something in your life that gives it meaning (not by anyone else's standards, but by yours - doesn't matter if anyone else thinks it's important, but it needs to be important to you). Something in your life that gives you a sense of achievement (not by anyone else's standards, but by yours - it doesn't need to come with a qualification or a certificate, it just needs to make you feel proud).

A lot of people make the mistake of expecting one area of their life - their marriage, their job, a hobby or pastime - to give them all of these things. That's a pretty big ask, and it makes it hard to feel satisfied with any of those things, but if you can think about whether your job, or your marriage, or your hobby is doing ANY of those things then it can help to feel more positive about it and feel like it's contributing to your happiness.

Butcanyoujusttellme Wed 10-Feb-21 14:59:46

I have a passion job, I’ve worked very hard to get where I am, got a degree and worked my way up, I am paid very well for what I do, in a very specialist area. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do.

Would still quit tomorrow if I won the lottery.
I still get Sunday night dread.
And I still regularly question why I do my job.

There are days, weeks and even months where I feel very fulfilled and that is good, there is some time where I feel neither here nor there about it but then there is are very significant (often months at a time) periods I spend hating what I’m doing.

I don’t think anyone loves every element of their job, anything you’re doing out of necessity is surely going to wear you down at times.

Toorapid Wed 10-Feb-21 15:01:16

I think the vast majority of people are in boring, tiring, not very rewarding jobs. For me, this is the point of education, more than increased earning power, it gives you more choice over how you spend your days.

However, even lots of people in interesting, rewarding jobs wouldn't do it if they didn't need to.

Nocares Wed 10-Feb-21 15:02:04

@Gliblet thats certainly food for thought that ill be taking on board!

I've noticed work seems a lot more tolerable since taking on the project on buying a home renovation.

Once lockdown is over ill also book a trip with friends and my partner. Hopefully between the project and plans work will seem a lot brighter!

SpongeBobJudgeyPants Wed 10-Feb-21 15:04:03

Yy to what others have said. Is it possible for you to do a job that means you have less interaction with Joe Public? This is the thing that seems to make it less enjoyable for you.

TheQueef Wed 10-Feb-21 15:05:50

I've always hated work. I keep telling myself if I enjoyed it they would call it a hobby and expect me to pay them.
Semi retired now and can't bloody wait!

Tink1990 Wed 10-Feb-21 15:06:56

Same here. I hate work. Nothing to really truly hate about it as such, but yeah, hate it. If I could win the lottery, no hesitation i would hand my notice in! Hate it. Meh. But, needs must, and in a weird way, I am so grateful to have a job/steady income etc. But yeah, hate it haha. A lot of hate in my post, oops! grin

JackieWeaverIsTheAuthority Wed 10-Feb-21 15:07:38

Yes I’m very much like this Op. it all stopped when I became self employed. Yes there are aspects of my work I still don’t enjoy and there are days I don’t want to go to work but nothing at all like the crippling anxiety I had in every single employed job I’ve ever had.

MonsterMunchPaws Wed 10-Feb-21 15:10:11

I’m exactly the same, hate the stress and pressure and office politics and I’ve worked in fairly lowly admin roles as well as more professional, well paid positions, done my msc part time etc. Nothing fits. I’d be so much happier if I could just be left to my own devices but y’know, kids are expensive. grin

thelegohooverer Wed 10-Feb-21 15:11:24

I don’t think it helps if you were in the generation that was constantly urged to do what you love and find your passion. hmm

I’ve even had jobs I was deeply passionate about but hated the relentless day to day grind. But then there are the people who say they would work even if they won the lottery because they’d be bored. I really don’t get it.

AgeLikeWine Wed 10-Feb-21 15:14:39

I have had awful jobs with horrible colleagues, and I have had tolerable jobs with nice colleagues, some of whom became life-long friends. But I’ve never had a job that I have genuinely enjoyed to the extent that I have actually looked forward to going to work in the morning.

I have, however, met many people in the aviation industry who have loved their jobs. Pilots who are doing the only job they ever dreamed of doing as kids. Cabin crew, back in the days when this was a real ‘see the world and get well paid for it’ dream job. Geeky engineers whose hobby was plane-spotting, loved tinkering with their big-boys’ toys and dreaded retirement. Lucky people.

WishingHopingThinkingPraying Wed 10-Feb-21 15:16:05

There's sooooooo many different types of work and workplaces. I can easily see how an office wouldn't suit many people, regardless of job or company. I am happy in loads of different workplaces as for me it's always all about the people. I slot right into any office assuming they aren't nasty.

But working in a hospital, on a farm, crafting something alone, police force, in an office.....all incredibly different. I'd be happy enough with any of the above but lots of people would only be happy in some or even one of those types of working lives.

Greendoonan Wed 10-Feb-21 15:17:09

Some people are lucky and have nice enjoyable jobs. Some people are unlucky and have shitty jobs with shitty people. I doubt the latter enjoy their jobs. It’s not a personal failing, they just don’t have nice jobs.

trilbydoll Wed 10-Feb-21 15:18:55

I'm an accountant and I like being an accountant, I would much rather be at work than at home with small children, although if I won the lottery I would retire! If I was unhappy I think I would first of all try being an accountant in a different industry and see if that worked, I.e. maybe if I could find a role in a charity that I was passionate about, I might find the actual job became more bearable? It depends what you do and how transferable it is.

TheQueef Wed 10-Feb-21 15:19:27

I'm in a much less stressful role these days yet some morning I'm still sick with nerves blush
One day soon I'm gonna do Cartman "screw you guys I'm going home" give my bosses the finger and clock off for the very last time!

Bythemillpond Wed 10-Feb-21 15:27:53

I have grown to hate every job I have had.
Mainly because most full time jobs have been office work and I hate offices.
I don’t mind some customer facing roles. I enjoyed working behind a bar.

Doesn’t matter how much someone would pay me I would never go back to working in an office again.

jessycake Wed 10-Feb-21 15:30:27

I think work has become so much more difficult , it's never enough to just turn up and do your job , even on minimum wage they seem to move the goal posts .

Bythemillpond Wed 10-Feb-21 15:35:08

Pre Covid my eldest had a really good work life. Numerous jobs working days here and there. Never the same job 2 days running working in different industries

glugg Wed 10-Feb-21 15:36:21

my manager mentioned discussions around long term career plans in a departmental meeting today. All I can think of as a plan is (and I have a colleague who feels the same) - how early can I retire?

*it's never enough to just turn up and do your job* totally this. Me and the other colleague say it all the time - we're both good at our jobs, work hard in our working hours (she writes at 3pm on Mumsnet), do what's in our contracts, why do we constantly have to be doing all this SHITE like conferences and public engagement? gah confused

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