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Ds had bad headache for 2 days

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dane8 Mon 08-Feb-21 19:10:53

Ds 31 Yesterday he came down from his room and said his head didn’t feel right
I asked what do you mean
He answered like it’s going to explode

I gave him paracetamol and he was in bed all night.

Today he couldn’t go into work, said he’s head was really bad and was crying
Checked his temperature 37* and gave him
2 paracetamol.
He wanted to go for drive through covid test
As a few in his workplace have had it. Not on furlough!

He managed to get up 20 mins before going
Hardly spoke in car, came back and he’s been in bed since

Just checked his temp 37.9* he’s still in dark and said it still hurts on front top of his head
He said he’s freezing, heating as been on all day. He’s got duvet on and wool blanket
Does want food

Anything I should be watching for or doing

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DinosaurDiana Mon 08-Feb-21 19:13:01

Ring 111 for advice.
Encourage fluids. Have you got some ibuprofen in ?

Gliblet Mon 08-Feb-21 19:13:29

Requesting a Covid testing kit, keeping him drinking, watching other members of the household for any signs that they might be going down with something.

PammieDooveOrangeJoof Mon 08-Feb-21 19:13:30

Regular paracetamol and plenty of fluids and rest. Hope he feels better soon.

DinosaurDiana Mon 08-Feb-21 19:14:28

If he doesn’t like the light, consider meningitis and google the symptoms.

DinosaurDiana Mon 08-Feb-21 19:15:19


Requesting a Covid testing kit, keeping him drinking, watching other members of the household for any signs that they might be going down with something.

He’s been for a test.

BobGalaxy Mon 08-Feb-21 19:16:22

I am certain I had Covid last March as had been at a funeral with someone who later tested positive. I started up with a 48 hour headache and fluctuating temp a few days later.

Itsyoouu Mon 08-Feb-21 19:17:16


Gliblet Mon 08-Feb-21 20:38:30

Thanks @DinosaurDiana, missed that. Could be migraine, they can certainly last for days (joy), but definitely worth looking out for nausea, vomiting, stiff neck/jaw/shoulders if the aversion to light continues.

DoThePropeller Mon 08-Feb-21 20:41:28

My husband had the worst headache of his life and it was viral meningitis, he also had a fever, was very lethargic. They could only diagnose him in hospital so do keep a close eye and maybe look up the symptoms and see if he is displaying them.

ConeHat Mon 08-Feb-21 20:43:40

As he is young, I would be more worried about meningitis with a bad headache like that. If you think he has those symptoms please dont take any risks

Fatandfifty49 Mon 08-Feb-21 20:43:46

If it's not normal for him, call 111. It may not necessarily be migraine or viral. Best get checked out

MargaretThursday Mon 08-Feb-21 20:45:42

Can he kiss his knee?
Not being able to can mean meningitis. (it's the flexibility of the neck) so you need to get to A&E quickly.
However I would expect the headache to be at the back of his head for that, from what I understand.

TheVolturi Mon 08-Feb-21 20:49:17

I had a terrible migraine for a few days last week. Tested Saturday evening, not had results yet!

dane8 Mon 08-Feb-21 21:21:06

Just been up, still got the headache
He said he’s never had pain like it, doesn’t want food.
Told him he must drink, although I haven’t heard him get up to wee!

Will google meningitis symptoms and keep checking him

Is migraine in one place or ???
He never as them

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Embroideredstars Mon 08-Feb-21 21:26:24

Be wary of meningitis. A migraine isnt likely to cause high temperature. Keep checking him.

CuddlyDudley71 Mon 08-Feb-21 21:28:44

Sorry-how old is your son?

PatButchersRightEarring Mon 08-Feb-21 21:34:03

Terrible headache
High fever
Aversion to on to light.

Check for a rash that doesn’t blanche and stiffness of the neck. To be honest with our without those I’d be seriously considering phoning 111. With one or both of those, straight to A&E

PatButchersRightEarring Mon 08-Feb-21 21:34:30

Sorry for typos - fat fingers!!

dane8 Mon 08-Feb-21 21:38:18

Ds is 31

He’s getting p... off with me keep going in
and snappy
Temp gone from 37.9 to 37.5. But says he’s freezing

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Lululu22 Mon 08-Feb-21 21:39:31

I’d ring 111 tonight. He would be better checked out with such a severe headache over a couple of days. Hope he will feel better soon.

Ginfordinner Mon 08-Feb-21 21:40:22

111 for advice. Could be viral meningitis. My friend's son has had it twice.

Tumbleweed101 Mon 08-Feb-21 21:51:08

My daughter had an awful headache when she got Covid to the point it made her cry. She's never like that usually. Keep up the painkillers, lots of fluids and check for rashes. If he gets worse call for advice.

Fatandfifty49 Mon 08-Feb-21 22:16:51

Second advice again to get checked. He is young but thunderclap headaches can occasionally be caused by a bleed

dane8 Tue 09-Feb-21 13:52:26

Just to say thank you

Out of hours gp rang 12.30am just said change to ibuprofen

Son still had it this morning rang my gp
Who sent ambulance, got checked over
He thought migraine
Rang gp to confirm , who said go to
a&e for bloods.

Ds is to poorly/ and extremely tired (as well as me) at mo, given him para’s & ibuprofen
and see how he is in couple hours, he as said it’s eased since ambulance came

He’s reluctant to go a&e because of 4/6 hr wait on his own. So will see what he’s like when he wakes up and get gp spot for bloods tomorrow

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