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Building Noise, argh!

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brunetteonthebus Thu 04-Feb-21 14:08:34

Please cheer me up with stories of noisy neighbours!

I am being a bit UR here I know, because I can see what they're doing and understand why. We're in a semi, attached by one wall, no other neighbours close by. House next door sold a while ago. The new people seem nice and aren't moving in until they've done some work on the house. About six weeks ago they started and apparently there's about another six weeks to go.

My god the noise. It isn't decorating. It's ripping out walls. Ceilings. Central heating. Windows. Bathrooms. It's constant banging and smashing from 8am - 4pm every single day even weekends (although they do start at 9am on the weekend).

It is lockdown. DH is (trying to!) WFH. I am trying to homeschool a reception age child with ASD who gets sent into meltdown at loud, repetitive noises. I also have a toddler to entertain, who get woken at nap time constantly which is having a knock on effect on night sleep meaning we're now all back to getting broken sleep at night after a year of her sleeping through and she's cranky as hell. We're trying to record videos of reception child reading for the teacher to assess etc and you can't hear a damn word.

Ordinarily, DH would be at work, eldest would be in school and I could escape the majority of it with the toddler being out and about. I could even borrow a key from my mum and use her house for me and the toddler to be in if needs be. But I can't.

I'm using ear defenders for DD where I can, we've tried moving rooms, DH has got a headset from work. None of its helping much. We're literally living one wall away from a building site and it's doing me in.

Lockdown is hard enough, without this.

So come on. Tell me your horror stories to cheer me up, please!

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brunetteonthebus Fri 12-Feb-21 14:22:39

Omg it's still going on. I know no one noticed this thread but I need to vent so I'm moaning here.

Two meltdowns from eldest this morning, she's spent most of it with her ear defenders on. The drilling is so loud and we've done almost no home schooling.

Vans have just arrived for windows and they're currently looking like they're about to start knocking them out for new ones. Hurrah.

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LuvMyBoyz Fri 12-Feb-21 14:34:26

I feel for up you, OP. It’s a lot to live through.

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