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Anyone else have problems with Lindex?

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TitusPullo Tue 02-Feb-21 15:05:29

I placed an order online with Lindex mid December, received my order end of December and sent some items back using the returns label provided at beginning of January, so far so good.

Realised I hadn’t heard anything or received a refund so emailed them today. Apparently due to COVID they are not currently accepted returns or issuing refunds but have instead extended their returns window to 100 days and I should keep hold of my goods and try and return at a later date. Explained that I was unaware of this when ordering and had already returned my goods with the returns label they had provided. They keep just copy and pasting a standard reply that they are currently not issuing refunds at the moment.

Any ideas what I can do? I have referenced the 14 days right to cancel/get a refund but they just keep giving me the same response. They have their clothes and my money and being on maternity leave I could really do with the money back. Really disappointed with Lindex as they do really nice children’s’s clothes but now I do not feel I can order from them again.

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Ro198 Tue 02-Feb-21 22:00:00

I ordered 5th January, was told it was shipped 7th January with a tracking number that didn’t work. They then told me I had to wait 30 days for a refund so I’m still waiting

ILikeToMoveItMoveItILikeToMove Wed 03-Feb-21 06:05:03

I’ve placed an order with Lindex recently and I’m hoping I receive the goods okay, no updates from them as yet.

How did you pay? Could you contact the credit/debit card provider or PayPal whichever you used and open up a case against them?
What they are telling you cannot possibly be right. 100 days for returns is fine but surely they can’t expect you to wait that long for a refund? You do have consumer rights.

TakeMeToYourLiar Wed 03-Feb-21 06:41:38

I didn't realise goods ship from Sweden

2 weeks and I have t received anything. Tracking shows it's yet to reach Royal Mail

Worried I will be charged duty when it finally arrives.

I ordered a few different sizes of things too as post baby body.

Brexit not their fault, but I wish I had known where it was shopping from

TitusPullo Wed 03-Feb-21 07:59:14

@ILikeToMoveItMoveItILikeToMove I have pointed out my consumer rights, they are still shipping online orders under this new “policy” which doesn’t seem right either.

I paid with a credit card through PayPal. There were actually two orders a few days apart. One order was over £100 but one wasn’t and I am only wanting the money from part of each order back so I am not sure how I claim for this or if I can claim.

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ILikeToMoveItMoveItILikeToMove Wed 03-Feb-21 09:08:48

I'm starting to wish I never ordered from them!
I've recently opened a case through PayPal with Hermes because they haven't refunded an unused courier cost and I had no luck with their customer services. I haven't received a response yet.

Could you open up a case for each order through PayPal stating the items you've returned and are awaiting a refund for? It might be worth a try.

Longdistance Wed 03-Feb-21 09:16:34

Maybe cancel the order for a refund. You can get Lindex through Zalando. Not sure if the items are the same as what you’ve ordered?

DianaT1969 Wed 03-Feb-21 09:17:44

I second trying PayPal first. Although you could check if your credit card can help you first. Sweden has strong regulations for consumer rights. They impose tough fines to companies who flout them. I'm surprised they are doing this.

TitusPullo Wed 03-Feb-21 12:31:54

Beyond frustrating. Another email from them closing my complaint and just repeating that they are not accepting returns. I will try PayPal and my bank. I have no idea how they are getting away with this and continuing to trade?

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Mylittlesandwich Wed 03-Feb-21 12:34:40

PayPal will sort this for you, raise a dispute. They sorted an issue I had with groupon at the start of lockdown last year.

TitusPullo Wed 03-Feb-21 12:41:10

Fingers crossed @Mylittlesandwich - the bulk of the refund is through the order I paid for through PayPal so hopefully they are able to help. Lindex have to 23 Feb to respond. You just don’t think you will have to resort to this with a big company but there you go. A warning to everyone thinking of ordering from Lindex! I love their children’s clothes annoyingly, anyone have any suggestions for companies with a similar aesthetic?

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Bluemandm Mon 15-Feb-21 08:56:27

Has anyone received their order yet? I ordered on 31st jan, was dispatched on 3rd Feb and haven’t heard anything since except from an email telling me to expect long delays sad I’ve got a tracking number but it just says Royal Mail is awaiting my item 🤷🏼‍♀️

TitusPullo Mon 15-Feb-21 09:35:00

Sorry to hear that @Bluemandm - I am still waiting on my refund too.

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TitusPullo Mon 15-Feb-21 17:11:16

@ILikeToMoveItMoveItILikeToMove - thanks for your suggestion, got my refund through PayPal today. Can anyone suggest any alternatives to Lindex that isn’t H&M?

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myparentsarealiens Thu 25-Feb-21 11:19:06

@TitusPullo might be a bit late but I've just noticed that Next have started to stock Lindex.

elliemara Fri 26-Feb-21 10:58:57

Has anyone got an update from lindex at all?
@Bluemandm I ordered a few days earlier than you and still haven't received or heard anything - have you?

Bluemandm Fri 26-Feb-21 14:13:31

Yes mine items arrived a few days after i posted this, fingers crossed yours arrives too!

elliemara Fri 26-Feb-21 16:45:41

Ah that's reassuring to hear! Thank you x

LolaSmiles Fri 26-Feb-21 16:47:34

I was thinking if ordering DC some things from them, but won't be now as I don't want the hassle if items don't fit.

TitusPullo Fri 26-Feb-21 20:05:09

Thanks @myparentsarealiens will order through there in future.

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