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I need to return a pair of Brooks trainers and I have to fill out a customs declaration form and I'm stuck!

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Boscoforever Mon 01-Feb-21 17:19:31

I need to fill in (I think), license number (what license?), certificate number (?!) invoice number-is this the sales/deliver/order number??
I also need an HS tariff number, 6 digits, which must be based on Harmonised Commodity Description and Coding System developed in the World Customs Organisation. WTF?!
I'm in NI so the UK, is everyone getting these? I am seriously stuck.

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Boscoforever Mon 01-Feb-21 22:34:06

Am I the only person who has received a customs form then? I presume it’s to do with Brexit. Not sure when they thought we would all become customs officers. I haven’t a clue.

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Sleepthief Thu 11-Feb-21 14:56:58

Did you get this sorted OP? I find myself I be the same boat! 😳

ProfessorSlocombe Thu 11-Feb-21 15:47:23

I'm in NI so the UK

Not for the purposes of customs, I'm afraid.

MrsAmaretto Thu 11-Feb-21 16:34:36

I had to fill in one to return shoes to geox, but they had a system where when I went to do a return they sent me an invoice with all that info on it. The shoes were made in different countries which I would never have known.

Even with the info the form was a bastard to fill out and I had to give 3 copies to the courier company who collected it!

I'll never buy anything that can't be returned to a uk company ever again.

Gingangoolee Thu 11-Feb-21 16:49:32

I’ve got a form for rigby and peller but seems relatively simple like the Geox one MrsAmaretto had. I didn’t actually realise R&P shipped from abroad.

Glittertwins Thu 11-Feb-21 16:53:12

I have access to HS tariff codes so I'll see if I can find something for trainers

Glittertwins Thu 11-Feb-21 16:56:07

6404.11 covers sports footwear

Gingangoolee Thu 11-Feb-21 17:07:25

Good work Glittertwins you should start up a website!!

Glittertwins Thu 11-Feb-21 17:38:44

Good to see my job has benefited someone directly 😉
Hope you get your return sorted!

Boscoforever Thu 18-Feb-21 11:42:13

Sorry never got back to this thread, thanks so much for replies. I emailed them and they told me to fill in not applicable for most of it and gave me the code-think it was the one mentioned above.

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SayrraT Fri 19-Feb-21 19:12:33

FYI everyone can access HS codes via the government website:

It's not necessarily easy, I've had a nightmare recently trying to send biological samples (for work) to various EU countries.

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