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How many people does one standard garlic baguette serve in your house?

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PLAYJAJADINGDONG Tue 26-Jan-21 15:30:33

As a side with pasta dish.

Just that 🙂

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Mydarlingsleepthief Tue 26-Jan-21 15:30:56


NovemberR Tue 26-Jan-21 15:31:05


BornIn78 Tue 26-Jan-21 15:31:37

3 of us, though DS always asks if there is any more, in the vain hope that I didn't bring it all to the table.

Albgo Tue 26-Jan-21 15:31:54

Two or three people, but depends how hungry (greedy) they are. My husband could easily snarf a whole one on his own.

Lemondrops41 Tue 26-Jan-21 15:32:28

2 - DP and I will have half each.

RogueV Tue 26-Jan-21 15:32:58


superram Tue 26-Jan-21 15:33:02


Robbybobtail Tue 26-Jan-21 15:33:25

3 sandwiches (I have to have an end bit!)

WishingHopingThinkingPraying Tue 26-Jan-21 15:33:45

My 4 kids. 2 pieces each. But they're all little.

Scbchl Tue 26-Jan-21 15:34:13

We stick on one between five of us. Me, dh, 16, 11 and 8 year old. If I made two it ends up in the bin.

Robbybobtail Tue 26-Jan-21 15:34:16

Oh sorry, just saw you said with pasta - I wouldn’t have bread and pasta!

justanotherneighinparadise Tue 26-Jan-21 15:34:18


EnglishRose1320 Tue 26-Jan-21 15:34:29

2-4 depending on how hungry we are. It's only myself and ds2 that like garlic bread, sometimes we eat one between us, other times we only use half of one.

Sparklfairy Tue 26-Jan-21 15:35:00

Can't believe Asda says one is 4 servings! shock

LubaLuca Tue 26-Jan-21 15:35:07

4, all greedy and adult-sized. I'm amazed that we're not average.

Hazelmazel Tue 26-Jan-21 15:35:08

There are 5 of us, 1 garlic bread would do 4. If I do one there's not enough but with 2 there is loads left over.

NoSquirrels Tue 26-Jan-21 15:35:27

Three. But really I’d be very happy to eat it all, so it’s only 3 because I can’t justify looking that greedy!

lobsteroll Tue 26-Jan-21 15:35:43

As a side to a substantial meal I'd say 2 pieces each so one is probably fine for our family of 4. I'd definitely eat more if it was there though 😂

GintyMcGinty Tue 26-Jan-21 15:36:04


TheGoodEnoughWife Tue 26-Jan-21 15:36:20


Oh sorry, just saw you said with pasta - I wouldn’t have bread and pasta!

When do you have garlic bread if not with pasta? Thought that was the rule!

Spag Bol & garlic bread
Lasagna & garlic bread out of ideas now but don't think we ever just have garlic bread on its own!

EnglishRose1320 Tue 26-Jan-21 15:36:47

The times 2 of us eat a whole one, is when we have a bit of left over pasta but not a whole dish and I need something to bulk it up.

SillyOldMummy Tue 26-Jan-21 15:36:50

3 to 4 ( 2 young kids)

redcandlelight Tue 26-Jan-21 15:37:37

never with pasta but 1 garlic bread would serve 2 in out house.
the teens would have one each if I would let them, but that's a different question

GiantKitten Tue 26-Jan-21 15:37:38

1 for 2 people, 2 for 3-4 people (all adult)
DS2 would eat 2 on his own if not watched very carefully...

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